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Transporting ISV Namespaces

I’m working as a software engineer for IBSolution. We develop SAP addons based on the SAP NetWeaver Plattform 7.0. We develop in our own namespace as Independent Software Vendor, so we have reserved the namespace /ISV/ and the generic namespace /B135/. These namespaces are reserved worldwide for every SAP system for my company. You can reserve your own namespace on the SAP Service Marketplace. There you get for each namespace two keys. One key is for your development system; the so called development license key. Notice: You cannot transfer development license keys to other SAP Systems. If you have finished your development in your development system you want to transport your developed content. If you want to modify your delivered content in your customer system then you have to enter the other key the so called repair license key and you also have to set the namespace role to C. More information about setting up a namespace for development you get here on

After I have explained the namespace license keys and how to set up these namespaces; I will explain you how you can transport those namespaces via the Change and Transport System (CTS) as an transport task, so that the customer only must import the namespace via transaction STMS. Maybe you think now “what a boring blog… he explains how to use the CTS”. I will first explain you the issues I have had when I tried to transport the namespace.

As you know you can maintain the namespaces in transaction SE03. This transaction represents the table view V_TRNSPACE. You can check this, when you use the transaction SE16 and enter the V_TRNSPACE for your table you get the following screen:

Repository Namespaces

Now we know that we have to check which tables are parts of the view, so I started transaction SE11 and entered the view as database table.

Selection Screen of transaction SE11V_TRNSPACE - Table/Union Conditions

Three tables are part of the view:

I thought I could transport the corresponding records of the table. I go to transaction SE11 and select the TRNSPACEL as database table then I noticed that this one is not transportable.

table TRNSPACEL is not transportable

If you remember I told you that you cannot transfer development license keys to other SAP Systems. Then I wanted to transport the records of the two other tables. The table TRNSPACET contains the namespace, the repair license, namespace role and so on. In the table TRNSPACETT are the texts for the namespaces stored. I started the data browser (SE16), but I couldn’t transport the namespace records.

No transport of records possible

The solution was transaction SE01. First you have to select or create a new transport task. Then double click on the transport task on the next screen. Then you can add the namepace by entering:

Programm ID: R3TR
Object Type: NSPC
Object Name: /ISV/ (here you have to enter your namespace)

Add the namespace to your transport task with SE01

But before you add the namespace to your transport task and release the transport task you must set the namespace to C.

But that’s not all. If I create a new InfoObject in my BI system I have two namespaces /ISV/ for the technical name of the InfoObject and the generic namespace /B135/. One example:

I want to create a characteristic in my /ISV/ namespace with texts. The technical name of the characteristic is /ISV/CUSTOMER. A table for the text is generated by using the /B135/ namespace in that case: /B135/TCUSTOMER. So there must be a mapping for /ISV/ and /B135/. I found the corresponding table. It is the table RSPSPACE.

For transporting this mapping go to transaction SE16 and select your namespace mapping.


Then select in the menu Table Entry ==> Transport Entries. Select in the popup your transport task. Now you can release your transport task and use it for every development in your own namespace.You have to transport your namespace first into the customer system before you transport all the other objects of the corresponding namespace.

I hope this blog helps you to develop your SAP addons in your own namespace and transport your addons into your customer system.

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  • Hi Marcel,

    nice blog!

    I installed customer namespace myself as well last year.

    In my case everything was automatically collected into transport.

    Just for information – mapping between customer namespace and generated namespace is managed via RSNSPACE transaction and stored in the table RSPSPACE not RSPSPACE table.

    P.S. Requesting generated namespace (like /B135/) is a nice fun – cause you cannot see already busy namespaces from SAP web-site but want to have as less symbols as possible – in your case /B135/ limitates BW objects length – better to have like /Bxx/.

    • Hi Denis,

      thanks. Your comment about the mapping of customer namespace and generated namespace is not clear. There is no difference between  RSPSPACE and RSPSPACE. If I made a mistake, let me know.

      The generated namespace is a funny story. As you know when you want reserver a namespace on the service marketplace you get no information which namespace is already reserved. So we decided to take a high number /B135/ and we took 135 because our former company logo IBS looks like 135.

      Best Regards,

      • Hi Marcel,

        I’ve mistaken – the table name and transaction name are the same and is RSNSPACE (N instead of P).

        We used the help of SAP consultant who gave us a choice of free /Bxx/ namespaces (though just a few). The reason was that maximum length of the tech. name of your BW objects using /B135/ namespace will be cut down by 1 symbol comparing to /Bxx/ namespace.