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The wonderful world of the SAP Business One Community

Hello all,

I decided to write my first blog about my workspace, the SAP Business One Community within the SAP Community Network. This Blog is dedicated to all SAP Business One Community starters. It will explain which possibilities are available to do knowledge transfer and where to put and pull the right information. If you ask yourself why it is important to contribute, and what benefit you will get, the answer is simple: This platform offers various advantages, e.g. increase awareness within the SAP Business One community or unlimited scalability of information roll-out. Contributors earn points for each contribution and get listed in the Top Contributors and Top Companies lists and will receive prizes (see Contributor Recognition Program). A Contributor  also helps the Food for Points. With your help, SAP will possibly be able to donate up to 200.000 EUR to the UN-WFP.

To promote the most active SAP experts in the whole SAP world, the SAP Community Network assigns SAP Mentors. If a member of the SAP Community Network is elected as an SAP Mentor, he/she will have the following benefits:

  • Recognition as an SAP credited expert
  • Icon ! next to their name in the forums and Business Card
  • Invitation to SAP events
  • VIP Access to SAP Information
  • Custom SAP Mentor Forum
  • Custom SAP Network Wiki Space (in the making)
  • SAP Mentor “Online Meet-Up” series (Every other month)
  • VIP Seating (TechEd, Sapphire, etc.)
  • Free entry to Community Day
  • Welcome package (Certificate plus goody bag)
  • Future: Direct Access to SAP Development

The Community Network includes four main applications for knowledge transfer, the main area (Knowledge Center), the wiki, the Weblogs (Blogs) and the forum application. Each of them has its own methodology.


The SAP Business One main area (Knowledge Center)

The SAP Business One main area, is the right place to store and find SAP Business One related files. The main area contains a predefined structure which allows you to up or download files easily. The landing page of the SAP Business One main area will assist you to find all SAP Business One related Community applications like the wiki, blogs and the forums as well as the latest news and updates, SAP Business One related Code Samples and Tools.


SAP Business One – SAP Developer Network

SAP Business One – SAP Developer Network


The SAP Business One Wiki

The SAP Business One Wiki is like an encyclopedia about SAP Business One. You can find there related “living” documents which can be modified or created by any member of the SAP Community Network. On the navigation panel on the right you can see a quick overview about the three latest blogs, News and Updates, links to the SAP Business One related community applications and a selection of important hyperlinks from the Channel Partner Portal.



The SAP Business One Forum

The SAP Business One Forum is one of the most powerful applications in the SAP Community Network. It works like a Q&A round. A Business One Consultant or a User has a question or a hint and posts it, others will try to help answering your question or examine your advised hint.



The Weblogs (Blogs)

The blogs application, the one which you are using right now to read this article, is a great place to share your knowledge, solutions and experiences. Other members of the Community cannot edit a blog, like they could do with a wiki article. The members can add comments instead, which are placed below a blog.

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