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* To debug online:
* 1: Put break point in here
* 2: comment out ‘IN BACKGROUND TASK’ below

* 3: Switch on system debugging

* 4: set t_flag1 = ‘X’, t_flag2 = ‘X’ and t_flag3 = ‘A’

* 5: Single step at BAPI call ensuring the flags are set

  LOOP AT lt_trxserv INTO lw_trxserv.
IF NOT lt_bapi_evm_header[] IS INITIAL.

      t_flag1 = space.
      t_flag2 = space.
      t_flag3 = ‘N’.

        DESTINATION lw_trxserv-rfcdest
          simulate           = t_flag1
          synchronous        = t_flag2
          eh_generation_mode = t_flag3
          trackingheader     = lt_bapi_evm_header
          trackeemodify      = lt_trackeemodify
          trackparameters    = lt_trackparameters
          return             = lt_bapireturn.

This allows you to jump into SAP SCM from ECC and continue in Simulation mode. 

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