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Central Job Scheduling with SAP Solution Manager

Welcome to another edition of  my blog on Job Scheduling Management with SAP Solution Manager. In this blog I demonstrate how to schedule a job from SAP Solution Manager (requires Support Package 15 or higher) in a remote system.

Start the scheduling transaction (highlighted in the screenshot) from the Easy Access menu.

Schedule - Start

The first step is to select the target system and the client as shown below and press continue to go to the scheduling screen.

Schedule - System

On the scheduling screen you first have to decide if you want to schedule the job directly from SAP Solution Manager via a trusted RFC destination (Background Processing, Job Scheduling (BC-XBP)) or if you take advantage of the advanced scheduling capabilities of Scheduling. The available options are therefore:


I demonstrate job the scheduling via BC-XBP first and therefore make the appropriate choice in the dialog shown below.

Scheduling - Select XBP

Then I select the trusted RFC connection to the remote system,

Scheduler - RFC

enter job name and class

Scheduling - Job name and class

and specify the start method and period. Note that an immediate start does not require a start date and time.

Schedule - Schedule XBP

Finally I have to specify the job steps. In this example I add an ABAP report and a command.


I selected Create to schedule the job in the remote system. The screenshot below shows that the job was successfully schedule with ID 14414500.

Schedule - XBP success

In order to monitor job execution I can display the job status as shown in the screen shot.

Schedule - XBP Status

Oops,  job execution was cancelled. To find out the reason for job cancellation I display the job log and find out that the second step caused the job cancellation.

Schedule - Job Log XBP

Now that I know the root cause for the job cancellation I can correct my job steps and  schedule the job again.

SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood 

SAP CPS by Redwood and SAP Solution Manager have joined forces. While SAP Solution Manager provides tools for Business Process Integration & Automation Management  (BPIAM), for example Business Process Monitoring (BPM),  SAP CPS by Redwood allows Business Process Automation and Job/Process Chain Management.

In order to show job scheduling with SAP Solution Manager and Scheduling I select SAP CPS by Redwood instead of BC-XBP as in my previous example.

Schedule - Select CPS

First I select the desired queue of the target  system and keep the default value for the priority.

Schedule - Queue

I enter a start date and time and select a single execution for demonstration purpose.

Schedule - Schedule CPS

Then I select the appropriate job definition, in this example I use SAP_AbapRun, and enter the job name and the ABAP program to be executed by the job.

Schedule - Job param CPS

By pressing the Schedule Externally button I schedule the job in the target system and receive the job ID.

Schedule - Success CPS

To monitor job execution I refresh the job status.

Schedule - CPS status

Since I kept the Schedule Stopped option in the first step above the job is not release immediatly but has to be released in SAP CPS by Redwood, this means that in this scenario the final scheduling approval is done in SAP CPS by Redwood. An immediate release is possible if proper authorizations were assigned.


  • Central Job Scheduling with SAP Solution Manager is easy to use.
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  • Hi, Martin, Thanks for your article; i have a question; is the option “SAP Central Process Scheduling (CPS) by Redwood” free of charge?? because i want to evaluate this option but when i select CPS in the type of Scheduler i got the following message “No Valid License for this Functionality”

    Thanks in Advanced.- 

  • Hello,

    Very informative weblog. Can you please explain more, below features of CPS:

    1. How it explains relation between Technical Job and Business process defined.
    2. Can you put more light on centralized features along with some screens.


    Swapnil Lakhe