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Import/Export of a Workflow

We can export workflows as an XML file and import XML files as language BPML(Business Process Modeling Language).



 Go to view BPML Export


Click on Export to xml file and then save the file on your PC. 


You can also do same from menu

Workflow Builder :Import/Export – Export to XML File in the Workflow Builder.


Now we will import the file:







Import the file and activate the workflow.



When exporting a workflow, the following parts in particular cannot be exported according to BPML 0.4:

  • Triggering events

  • WHILE loops

  • Tasks that are referred to in steps

  • Wait steps and event creators

  • Complex conditions

  • Complex data types (for example, structures, object type references)

  • Modeled deadline monitoring

  • Activities with more than one outcome

  • Rules and elements of the organization management that are used as responsible agents.


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  • Sunil – I remember I could not succcessfully export a workflow from one SAP R/3 system and import it on another R/3 system. Have you done this before? Would be good if you can give some particulars in this process. Thanks!
    • Hey Shireesh,

      We can do import/export in different systems. But only we have some limitation which I described in the end of blog. We can not import or export each properties of workflow.
      Even SAP say
      “This function does not replace the normal transport options of workflows between SAP systems. All parts of a workflow can only be transported by the normal transport.”