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Customizing Confirmation Screen Links


SAP develops predefined, preconfigured self service. These services facilitating an increase in employee efficiency, reduce costs, speed portal deployments, and maximize the value of your IT infrastructure thus helping companies get the most out of their IT investments.

This document exposes the available customizing options in the confirmation screen links functionality with the Self-Services application of the ERP6.0 and abaove. This is the continuation of the blog Confirmation Screen Links in Self-Service Applications.

Typical business scenarios for confirmation screen links:

In standard, most preferable next steps at the completion of a specific application is exposed as confirmation screen links. This might not fit for all customers requirements. For example, according to the best practice followed in their company, the customer wanted to add the benefit application at the completion of the family member / dependent maintenance service.

Steps to implement confirmation screen links with your own application:

This customer requirement can be met through one of the 2 ways mentioned below.


Method 1: Customizing the existing entry

1.      Find out the confirmation screen link list entry

The confirmation link list key is maintained against the start up parameters (application parameters) of the WebDynpro application called sap.xss.linklistkey


2.      Customize the confirmation screen link list entry:

Add the service Key of the benefit application in the service links part of the confirmation screen link list entry for the family members/dependents under the following IMG activity: Personal Management -> Employee Self-Service -> General Setting -> Homepage for Self-Services –> Services -> Define Links on the confirmation page



Method 2: Overwrite the confirmation screen link list key used by the application 

Create a new entry in the confirmation screen link table as per the requirement as mentioned in the step 1 of the blog Confirmation Screen Links in Self-Service Applications. Maintain the key value of the new table entry against the parameter sap.xss.linklistkey as URL parameter in the iView of this application.

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  • Thanks for the write-up and offer of two approaches. I think it will help others. Sadly, the folks on ECC5.0 don’t get this…only ECC6.0. haha (I laugh because just this week, a past client on ECC5.0 emailed me asking how to change their conf. screen links through config….I jokingly told them to upgrade to ECC6.0 *grin*)
  • i checked the first two check boxes to return to homepage or area group homepage.  But these two links are not showing in my WD application.  Did i miss out anything ?

    My WD application is displayed within the portal content.