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One Way to Get Some Work/Life Balance …Hopefully

Occasionally our community is all “a twitter” with themes that are “off topic”.  I, for one, am very glad for that. It seems there are those instances when the course of our lives simply force a work balance, even for the most supportive and dedicated: so welcome to Baby Anna Kate O’Hanlon.  Hope you trump any web content support issue.

Baby Anna

Back in 2005, I had thought to create a blog series introducing every one of our team members to the community at large.  Some of us have introduced themselves to you, the community, by creating wiki profiles or by being active in SAP public events, or by corresponding with you, our community members.  But not all colleagues have created profiles or attended the Sapphires and TechEds or have sought the public limelight.  And though many of you are quite familiar with a few of our names and perhaps have even had the opportunity to interact directly with us at events or engaged with us in the context of this community, its good to find opportunities to recognize team members who work very diligently behind the scenes making platform, collaboration, and content magic happen.

We don’t often get the opportunity to acknowledge these folks publicly.  So I’m exploiting the happy occasion of the arrival of a new baby to send good wishes (and thanks) to her new mom.

Baby Anna Kate O’Hanlon was born at 00:42 on Friday January 4th 2008, weighing 6lbs 8ozs (3.1kgs) to the inimitable CN platform high priestess, Ciara. Anna, according to her mom “is doing great”. 

I thought of Anna as our very first platform baby but I was informed that Anna doesn’t quite qualify as a first on the platform part of the team.  It would seem that quietly, modestly that honor was garnered about 1 year and a half ago by the beautiful baby boy born to platform team member, Tim Boettger.  So, Tim please accept our belated good wishes and Ciara our up-to-date good wishes on the respective births of your children. A hearty welcome is sent to Leif and Anna.

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