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Customize SM37 log view

SM37 is used regularly by most of us to check the status of background jobs. Sometimes, it is a little annoying that we have to sort the list by the start time so that we can see what is currently running. Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could save the setting so that each time we come to SM37 the list is displayed in sorted order with the latest job on the first line? This was done on SCM 5.0 which runs on NW2004s.

Here are the steps to do it:

1.     Sort the SM37 list by the start time. Now the list is in the order that you want.

2.     Now save the layout using the menu path as shown below making sure the sort criteria checkbox is checked.


3.     Now, we want to make this the default layout so that it keeps the setting each time we come to SM37. For this go to the menu path Settings – Layout – Management. This would bring up the screen below:


4.     Click on the ‘Define default setting’ icon next to the Standard layout button. You should now see a check mark under the DS column. Now click Save. That should do it.. Next time you open SM37, you should see the latest job on top without having to sort it…Hope this helps someone. 

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  • Hi Sajeev,
    very useful blog. Just wanted to add, this should work with every ALV listing, for example FBL3N or even Z* ones: you can always define a sorting/filtering and then save it as a default layout.
  • Hi Sajeev,

    Thank you for your blog, I find it very helpful to have a discussion about everyday tricks of SAP usability.

    My question is how can be more than one column sorted together in SM37? I mean I can sort either the date or the time but I cannot sort both of them together (at first the date and then the time).

    Thanks & regards,