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Monitoring in SAP Event Management

Event Management Objects
The following transactions are used to monitor SAP Event Management objects.

  • /SAPTRX/EH_LIST – Event Handler List

The Event Handler List provides details about an Event Handler. It’s the equivalent of WE05 for Idocs.

  1. EH status
  2. Event Messages
  3. Error messages
  4. Parameters
  5. Tasks executed
  6. History
  7. Measurements, …
  • /SAPTRX/EE_MON – Expected Events Monitor

Scheduled background job to continuously identify expected events that are past their expected date as set in the expected event extractor / expected event profile. If an event has exceeded the expected date, it’s status is updated to “Overdue” and any defined  expected event monitor activity will be executed e.g. Send an alert, email, …

  • /SAPTRX/EVM_STATUS – Event Message Processing Status List

Lists system generated messages and data related errors for event messages

  • /SAPTRX/ER_MS_LIST – Event Message Processing Error List

Lists problems during the event message process

  • /SAPTRX/LOCKED_PROC – Process Event Messages for Locked Event Handler
  • /SAPTRX/LOCKED_PSET – Process Locked Event Handler Sets
  • /SAPTRX/EMJOBS – Schedule background jobs for SAP EM

Can check the overview of the related jobs using this transaction

  • /SAPTRX/ASAPLOG – Application log

Use this transaction in the application System to view the details of errors during the creation of Application Object Types and Event Types

  • /SAPTRX/CONS_CHECK – Consistency Checks in Customizing

qRFC Monitoring

If you don’t use synchronous processing the SAP EM will make use of qRFC to communicate backwards and forwards with the Application System (AS)

  • SMQ1 – Outbound qRFC monitor

The queue name here is determined in the BAdI on the AS that initiates the call to the SAP EM interface. See the documentation surrounding queuing in SAP EM.

  • SMQ2 – Inbound qRFC monitor

General Monitoring

The following are transactions that can also be used to help identify issues on the system.

  • SM58 – Transaction RFC monitor

If you use tRFC to communicate with SAP EM from the AS the use this to process through any errors in this process

  • SM59 – RFC Definition

Gain access to the RFC Trace file

  • SM37 – Job Monitor

Check that the SAP EM jobs are correctly scheduled

  • SM21 – System Log
  • ST22 – Short Dumps
  • SM12 – Lock table
  • SM13 – Update errors
  • SM50, SM51, SM66 – Monitor Work processes on the system
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