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Signal versus Noise

Mark Chalfen commented to an old From the Grumpy Old (Re)tired Man: The forums are dead, long live the forums or should I say Grumpy rant 😉 regarding the behavior in our forums. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that things have changed since. We have now a nifty ‘report abuse’ button: Report Abuse

It is quite easy. You stumble upon a post that is violating our Rules of Engagement as spelled out on this wiki page:   You click on the button: select from the drop down menu which category of violation it is: General Abuse, Profanity, Explicit Content, Impersonation, Harassment, Slander, Racial Abuse, Religious Abuse, Spam, Private Information.

Please write a couple of word why you think that post shouldn’t be in our forums and save. Done. 

We have this functionality running now for over a month and get about ten to twenty posts per day marked. One of my favorite tasks right now is to moderate these posts.

Starting today, if a post gets rejected the poster gets a friendly email pointing to the rules of engagement. Our hope is that the poster doesn’t get discouraged, but will be more careiful when asking a question next time.

At the moment the volume is manageable, but we expect more people marking things posts.  

We may fall behind with the moderation one day, but if enough people mark a post as not right for this forum the post gets taken off automatically. Our current setting for that is 5. 

I think this feature has the potential to really make a difference: To minimize the noise and let the signal in the forums be loud and clear. It is for the benefit of all if you use the ‘report abuse’ button: Report Abuse 

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  • Hi Mark:

    Nice -:) I was really waiting for your blog on this topic...People still believe that they should report everything...This blog will give them enough guidelines to do a good job -:)