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Linking to EVDRE data in SAP BPC Excel

Using the INDIRECT Function

The simplest way to link to a specific cell, despite that target cell’s dynamic nature is a staight forward INDIRECT statement:


Excel treats the “G50” as static text – this text will not change if G50 is moved or deleted.  So, if G50 is within a dynamic EVDRE report, whatever data shows up in that cell will be displayed to the cell that uses the INDIRECT statement pointing to that location.

Dynamic uses of INDIRECT

The text within the INDIRECT function can contain a link to another cell – or to multiple cells.  If you are trying to populate an entire grid of cells with data from an EVDRE you can use a function like this:


To achieve the same results of the first example, the above example assumes that cell C15 contains the text of just G and cell E10 contains the text of just 50. 

Even more dynamic uses of INDIRECT

Taking this one step further, you can perform a lookup on dynamic values within an INDIRECT to populate the text, such as:


If this post sparks interest and questions, I’ll be happy to follow-up with an Excel attachment with an example.

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