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Getting the Most Out of the BPX Community

Getting the Most Out of the BPX Community

The SAP BPX Community is now 250,000 members strong (and growing). But in order to get the most out of BPX, you need to know your way around. I did a special BPX Community Podcast together with Jon Reed of into the keys to utilizing SAP BPX Community.

In this thirty one minute podcast, I share some of the ways that SAP BPX users can enhance their SAP know-how and increase their marketability through the BPX community. We also talk about how BPX is leveraging Web 2.0 technology and how BPX community members are influencing SAP’s own product development. Check out this podcast for a view into how BPX will be evolving in 2008.

Podcast Highlights:

(:50) SAP BPX and SDN now exceed 1,000,000 registered members—how these communities have emerged to be a major presence in the SAP ecosystem.

(1:35) How SAP BPX and SDN fit together—overview of the benefits of SDN and how SDN is not just for technologists anymore. Increasingly, there is a NetWeaver-driven business focus to how SDN members engage with SAP technology.

(4:20) What the SAP BPX community is all about. How BPX is envisioned as the community to guide SAP professionals into the era of the Business Process Expert. How SAP BPX supports SAP’s transformation into an eSOA-ready “Business Process Platform.” The collaborative environment and tools that are available through the free SAP BPX registration process.

(6:40) How Marco defines “Web 2.0,” and the distinctions he makes between “Web 2.0,” “Community 2.0,” and “Enterprise 2.0.” How SAP BPX is creating an “architecture of participation” and how a community built on trust can have a business impact.

(10:10) The “wiki power” of SAP BPX and how members are using wikis, blogs, and other features to build out community resources and “harness collective intelligence.” Example: the work being done on defining the skills of a “Business Process Expert.”

(11:20): How SDN and BPX are impacting SAP’s own product development. “Critical mass” has been achieves, and SAP’s own solution managers are participating in SDN and BPX and incorporating this feedback right into the product development loop.

(16:20) Overcoming “posting fear”: why all community members should feel welcome to contribute and who they can turn to in SAP BPX when/if they have questions about contributing. How the BPX mentor program can help new members get further involved.

(19:45) How BPX is expanding SAP training options, and helping BPX community members improve their know-how and even, in some cases, position them for project opportunities through the name recognition they achieve on BPX. The variety of training formats available on BPX, including webcasts and other forms of “learning on demand.”

(23:00) The emerging idea of a BPX certification—which tools and skills would be part of such a certification (Visual Composer? Aris for NetWeaver? eSOA skills? “soft skills”?). How members are actively contributing to this discussion, and the increasing involvement of SAP Education in the process of incorporating BPX skills into SAP certifications.

(27:25) What’s next for BPX heading into the 2008. The foundation of participation has been built, but there is a lot more to do now that the community is actively engaged. New BPX areas and features are being added, with plenty more to come in the year

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