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What’s New in Visual Composer for SPS14? Help is Here (and other features too!)

The SP stack 14 version of Visual Composer has been released as part of the overall SP14 release of SAP NetWeaver 7.0. In addition to fixes for a number of known issues, this release contains a range of new and enhanced features, including: *Recently Used Models in Get Started task panel
*The Get Started task panel now lists the most recently-opened models (up to five), enabling you to access the model without having to find its exact location in the file system.  Recently Used Models *Note* that you can access the Recently Used Models list from any open model, by clicking the Start button at the bottom of the task-panel toolbar. 0.1.   *Context-sensitive help* +Finally!+ Context-sensitive help – accessed through standard Help buttons or a special ? key – is now available, for online versions of Visual Composer.  0.1.   *Copy-paste between models
*You can now copy the contents of one model and paste them into another model using a “standard” copy-paste function. This saves you time and effort in exporting/importing parts of models and enhances reusability. 0.1.   *What’s New screen
*When you access the new release of Storyboard (and subsequent releases as well), a +What’s New+ screen is displayed, listing the new features of the release. This list gives you a brief description of each new and changed features. 0.1.   *Display Flex compiled sources in Source Viewer
*This is a new checkbox in the +Tools+ –> +Options+ –> +Compiler+ tab. If you select it, when you click +View ++Source+ after deploying a model, all Flex-based data sources are listed in the Source Viewer dialog box. Using this feature may affect performance. 0.1.   *Link to last deployment of model retained in the Deploy to Portal task panel
*When a model that has been previously deployed is opened, the link to the runtime component remains available in the Deploy to Portal task panel, under the *Recently Deployed* header. With this time-saving option, all relevant pages and primary iViews in the selected model are immediately retrieved from the portal PCD, along with a time stamp.
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  • We’ve been involved in some discussions about the future of BI given the recent strategy changes.  Was wondering what you thought about the future of VC and BI from an SAP strategy point of view.
    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately, I’m an info developer involved from the “trappings” side of Visual Composer, and pretty distant from the strategy side. You might want to direct this important question to people involved with Product Definition, PM and also the Business Process Expert people.