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Ronald the Business GuyI thought I’d give my hands a break from the mouse and keys to do some freehand work instead. So what started out as a little sideline humor to a blog series that I’m developing [An Enterprise’s Journey to Discovery (1)] has now branched out to a new Wiki page with these and eventually more cartoons for our community to use.


 –Want to get your readers’ attention with some humorous cartoons for a Wiki or Weblog??

–Any artists out there who have some original cartoons, comics, or even clever ‘technology-ish’ images they’d like to contribute to this wiki??


We all know how difficult it is to get consent to use copyrighted material that we’d like to use for one reason or another. So why not create and share some of our own within the SDN Community?? 

These little characters are free for use within SDN 😉 and by all means—give your artistic side some attention too by contributing to the Artwork Corner!


(and thanks Mark, for lighting this bulb!) 

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Hi Ranjan,
    Perhaps some of the folks going to your wiki link might miss the great comics you created there.
    Why not make them visible to your page?  Not everyone knows that graphics are “attachments” and when they click on your link, won’t see them straight up.
    As a reminder to all, graphics can be made visble once they are attached to the wiki page by then referencing them with markup language !name of graphic. jpg! or by using the graphic Icon of the WSYWIG editor of the page to embed.
    It’s lovely to see the creativity of the community in all things written, audio, visual and graphic.  Although my friends in the BPX Community Project wiki pages have been using comics for sometime to create dialouges and conversations and Ignacio and others created some logo graphics for community meetups in the wiki, your use of “original” comic character art is a first, I believe.  Now can you create some scenes for geek and suit characters.  I’ve had the idea for months now of having a geek and suit conversation running as a kind of fun way of illustrating some of the challenges of communication between IT and Business.
  2. Mark Finnern
    Hi Ranjan,

    Love the little figures and took the freedom to embed one into the blog too. Visitors see right away what you are talking about. (I got pinged that this post is ready for getting released. I didn’t realize that it was set to final already, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.)

    Hope you don’t mind, Mark.


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