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Shameless Plug – El Arte de Programar SAP NetWeaver

As many of you may know…I’m among other things, a programming books writer…And of couse, I have wrote about ABAP before…But this time, I have write a new book talking about SAP NetWeaver.




What you can expect to find in this book? Well…ABAP of couse, but also…


  • SAPScript
  • Orbject Oriented ALV (Grid, Tree, Object Model)
  • SmartForms
  • WebDynpro
  • BSP
  • ABAP and XML
  • Scripting in a Box
  • SAPLink
  • Many more…

So, if you speak Spanish…And want to learn ABAP…You know what you need to do -;)

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  • Srivijaya and Kalyan, thanks for your interest in my book, but there’s not going to be an English version…Being an Latin American SAP Mentor, my primary job is to improve the SAP culture in Spanish…So, doing a translation of the 551 pages, is not really the best choice for me -;)



  • Where do you find the time?!?! You stay so busy with everything. As for the book, if including SAPscript and Smartforms, why not include the next evolution in that chain…Adobe Forms? Sorry….just fresh on my mind since I am *deep* into a project using them. haha Again, congrats on the book and good luck with it! Maybe it will be the “Harry Potter” of ABAP books? haha
    • Christopher:

      Where did I find the time? Well…I was unemployed, so…I got all the time in the world…But don’t you worry…I’m working again.

      Why I didn’t talk Adobe Forms? Well…I read on Rich and Thomas book that you need a Java Stack in order to use them…I already got the ABAP Stack…and install the Java Stack would be too hard for my poor laptop -:)

      Anyway…You should do some blogging about Adobe Forms…Maybe that way I could get more interested -:D



  • Hi Alvaro Tejada,

         Its a great book for ABAPers, would help us alot. But when can we expect the English Version, eagerly waiting for it.

    Varun Reddy.K

    • Hi Varun:

      Ok…I just realized that many of you want an English version of my book…So…I’m going to make it -:D It should me a while, but you going to it hit the stores -:D



  • Blag – as mentioned on, I’ll be happy to help you translate.  Can we call it “ABAP for Spanglish?”  I proofed Juergen Kirschner’s 600 page Oracle tuning book, so if I can translate German-English into American-English I can probably handle taking Spanish-English to American-English. 😉 Jim
    • Jim!

      I would be more than happy to have you as my “Editor”…As I answer you on You would be first to have the book as soon as I finish it, so you could check it and rewiew it.



  • It was amazing “listening” to your speedy progress with this on Twitter.  Hope you’ll soon share links with lots of good book reviews and reader recommendations 🙂
    Love the community interest in your success.
    So, while you always write us in English (thankfully), I’ll attempt good wishes in my clumsy Spanish…Felicitaciones en su realización magnífica (what I think I said is congratulations on your grand accomplishment…)
  • Hello,
    I am in desperate need to practice and test SAP to Biztalk integration.  Would the J2ee SAP Netweaver 6.40 be sufficient?  Does this come with business functionality?  My requirements are to use the The Biztalk SAP Adapter which connects with the SAP system through the SAP Unicode RFC SDK Library (librfc32u.dll).  The SAP RFC SDK enables external programs to call ABAP functions on a SAP system.  Does this mean i should try to find the ABAP version of Netweaver?  Please help!