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Reply by Dennis Howlett: 

2008 – the year when CSR becomes reality?

To calculate my home carbon footprint, I went to

My house electric use (no gas) based on 16,800 KWH in 2007:

18,500 pounds CO2 per year. 

Here’s a chart of our energy usage at home for the past 5 years.  The trendline is the basic Excel calculation, mainly droping due to a high efficiency heat pump installed a few months ago to replace the original 20 year old model that came with the house.

My car (96 Saturn SW2 wagon) at 12,000 miles per year:

8,100 pounds CO2 per year.


As far as where I work, please read this:

[All opinions expressed are mine, not my employer’s]

{Update 14-Feb-2008 – I’ve entered our energy data online using}


Monthly energy use

Annual energy use

 {update 16-Mar-2008}

I added new tabs on the spreadsheet to look at peak months and costs.

Also, I blogged on carbon offsets when renting: “Rented a car lately? Would you like carbon offsets with that?” 

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    Hi Jim,
    Really pleased that you have continued this series and topic (regardless of “topic of the month” :-)) This spurred so many thoughts I found myself writing an additional A New CSR Area? – Who Needs It? much as Dennis did as a response to your first post on this topic.
    Small note: I went to the terrapass website to check my carbon footprint but found that it only allowed me to measure my car’s and my business’.  Perhaps you have the link to the personal one.
    1. Jim Spath Post author
      Marilyn – more details on my home footprint calculation via
      Fine-tune this calculation
      > Your annual electricity consumption: 16,820 kWh
      > Add up your past 12 bills for a precise figure.
      > CO2 emissions data for Middle River, MD
      > Electricity:     1.10 lbs per kWh
      The links are under “buy carbon offsets” but I would use the results to spur energy use reduction.

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