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My Carbon Footprint at Home

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Reply by Dennis Howlett: 

2008 – the year when CSR becomes reality?

To calculate my home carbon footprint, I went to

My house electric use (no gas) based on 16,800 KWH in 2007:

18,500 pounds CO2 per year. 

Here’s a chart of our energy usage at home for the past 5 years.  The trendline is the basic Excel calculation, mainly droping due to a high efficiency heat pump installed a few months ago to replace the original 20 year old model that came with the house.

My car (96 Saturn SW2 wagon) at 12,000 miles per year:

8,100 pounds CO2 per year.


As far as where I work, please read this:

[All opinions expressed are mine, not my employer’s]

{Update 14-Feb-2008 – I’ve entered our energy data online using}


Monthly energy use

Annual energy use

 {update 16-Mar-2008}

I added new tabs on the spreadsheet to look at peak months and costs.

Also, I blogged on carbon offsets when renting: “Rented a car lately? Would you like carbon offsets with that?” 

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