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2007 a year in review

True, it’s the 3rd day of 2008 a fresh new year and an anniversary of sorts for SDN (unofficial launch was in 2003) so we are looking at 5 years here.

2007 was a year of change for us and one of reflection. Personally I flew 80,000 kilometers this year, been in 4 countries, 3 continents and met tons of people. I started several new projects, had several goals to meet. I saw my son start to crawl, walk and talk, I found out that I am having another son. We celebrated a 60th wedding anniversary (wife’s grandparents). I became a MAC user and got to smile a lot when my little sister touted that she has an iPod Touch before me. I built my new office out back to help with the work life balance and I finished writing my book (now to publish), I posted well over 300 blog posts and recorded almost 100 video and audio casts. I was invited to join the Enterprise Irregulars, the Social Media Collective and found myself for the first time on the outside looking in during a developr session. I then started to develop more and more.

We saw our forums revamped, blogs revamped, wiki revamped, new SDN and BPX TV Channels, we hit huge numbers both in subscribers, visitors and Forget the 1 Million….

We made new friends, lost some, found some more and most important you are here! Several folks got married, some had kids, lots found new jobs and some found dream jobs and some started whole new companies.

Some folks left the team and others joined, and still the most important is you

We’ve had rough times, and good, we’ve struggled with age old problems and found some new ones along the way we even solved several which is always nice, but most important is that you were there and you helped us do this. This is a community and it functions because people like you are here and helping to make it a better place and now I have a 2008 Wishlist just for you to particpate and make 2008 even better!

As everyone is also able to blog now, we would love to hear your stories as well – what was 2007 for you? 

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