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Enhanced CTS in close coupling configuration for portal environment

With CTS+ we can transport non-ABAP objects with the well-known transaction STMS, simplifying the change management procedure. This feature has been explained in the how-to guide How To Set Up and Use the CTS+ in a Portal Environment. Since the CTS server is updated to SPS13 there are new functionalities, including the close coupling configuration, that enables to attach an non-ABAP object to the CR “on-fly”.

After the CTS+ system configuration has been done as explained by the how-to guide, you can activate the new service provided by the SPS13. The transport organizer UI is an ABAP webdynpro application called CTS_BROWSER (not SODIS_CORE_WBO as in SPS12), now displayed in the STMS first screen: image

Using the transaction SICF you have to activate the service, in the following service path: !|height=118|alt=image|width=476|src=|border=0!

After the configuration of the web service and the release of web service for SOAP runtime (transaction WSCONFIG), the next step is the Transport Domain Controller configuration.

h5. Java Transport Route

Log on the ABAP CTS+ server in client 000 (that acts as transport domain controller), after you create the non-ABAP systems (STMS Overview –> Systems (Shift-F6) –> Create –> Non-Abap System) and the transport route (Overview –> Transport Routes (Shift-F7) –> Edit –> Transport Layer –> Create), obtaining something as in the screen. !|height=132|alt=image|width=444|src=|border=0!

There are new parameters for non-ABAP, in our scenario for the systems JAD (development portal) should be:


And for the target JAQ

Some remarks: the directory C:usrsap
SYSglobalpcdExport is usually the folder where the portal exports the package file (epa file). With the WBO_GET_REQ_STRATEGY=SMART the source system creates a transport request (the so-called GENERATED REQUEST).

For quality and production system you have to add the SDM host and user/password, in the same screen which contains the TMS configuration, choose Goto –> SDM User.

h5. Connection to CTS+ server

You have to connect the CTS server to the portal and create an user mapping, following the procedure described in how-to guide (par. 4). After this, create the connection to the CTS server: open Visual Administrator of the development portal.
Choose Cluster –> Server –> Services –> Configuration Adapter.
Choose Configurations –> apps –> –> –> appcfg.How to Configure and Operate Enhanced CTS

Portal environment

How To Set Up and Use the CTS+ in a Portal Environment

SAP library – Change and transport system
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  • After the configuration of the web service and the release of web service for SOAP runtime (transaction WSCONFIG), the next step is the Transport Domain Controller configuration.

    How could you do that? It’s not in the search help in WSCONFIG…


    • Thanks Sergey
      launch transaction WSCONFIG, in the field service definition insert SI_CORE_WBO_API and in the field variant SI_CORE_WBO_API, and then click on Create. You have to create this WS in the working client and/or another suitable client you want to use for the purpose.


      • HI,

        We have configured ECC (ECC 6 EHP4) as TDC for a portal which is on NW 7 EHP1.

        When i create a transport; i’m able to create the TR, after releasing it has created the .epa file on the /usr/sap/trans in TDC system.

        But, we have seperate /usr/sap/trans for each environment. How can i configure so that these epa files will be transferred to target system’s /usr/sap/trans? (Like AS ABAP TMS)


  • The CTS+ Portals install guide says to “Navigate through the Portal Content Catalog to the folder in which you want to create the system.” Does it matter where this folder goes? we have a company folder, in which are folders ECC and CRM, and underneath those, content. Do I need a CTS+ folder for both ECC and CRM and put it inside those, or put it on the same level as ECC and CRM folders?
    • Hi Rick,

      it doesn’t matter. You can create a suitable folder or re-use an existing one. It’s important the alias, that is the entry-point to the system definition.


  • In your picture you have JAD –> JAQ –> JAP. In the CTS+ Portals setup guide it has JAD off to the side and in place of JAD it has the ABAP CTS+ system. The doc is for SP12…I’m on SP13 in SolMan. Which is correct, your diagram or the install guide?
    • Hi Rick,

      I think for a close cloupling scenario the Development system must be in the system list and in the transport route (with a java transport layer).


    • Hi Rick,

      the development system must be connected to CTS+ server, setting up the apps (par. Connection to CTS+ Server). This a source system, instead the target systems (qas, prod …) are accessed by the CTS+ server (via SDM) to deploy the CR (par. Java Trasport Route) Then the setup of apps on system other than Dev is unnecessary.
      I hope the answer is useful.


  • Thanks for the quick replies.
    Another question…I look at JAD in CTS+ system and it shows communication system is my CTS+ system. In the portals doc it shows it, for JAD, to be J2E. All others are set to CTS+ system. Should JAD be J2E or CTS+ system?

    Also, I think you missed 1 question…does all the setup listed for JAD need to be done in all other Portasl systems in the landscape, or just for JAD?

  • The domain and group controller for my portasl system shows DOMAIN_OTO and GROUP_OTO, where OTO is CTS+ system. Is this correct, or, since JAD is the development portals system, should it reflect DOMAIN_JAD and GROUP_JAD?
    • Hi Rick,

      you don’t need a different transport group or transport domain. It’s important the transport layer for the java systems (ZJAD in the screen).


  • In your blog you mention to ‘release the web service for SOAP runtime via WSCONFIG.’ I have CTS_BROWSER active but WSCONFIG doesn’t see it. It does see service SI_CORE_WBO_API, but I think this is the wrong one. I tried to create CTS_BROWSER is WCONFIG but it doesn’t like it.
    When I click on the WEB UI I just get a blank screen, so something isn’t right.
    • Rick,
         Where you able to figure out how to get this working. I have the same issue. From SICF -> CTS_BROWSER -> test service takes me to the right URL.

      But STMS -> Environment -> Transport Organizer WEB UI gives me blank screen.

      Any help from anyone?


  • Hi,

    We have a stand alone java installation for our EP.Generally we do transports using export and import procedure present in EP administration.
    We just create a package and the EPA file for the object to be transported place it in the package and export the package and then import this package in the target system.We have mapped the systems with the backend sytem which is ABAP.How can we set up the transports for this sort of scenario?


  • HI,

    I have configured CTS+ on one the ECC6.0 server with SP14. We have our NWDI on the same server.

    I have created the track(not defined the runtime systems) & connected it to CTS. Now, when im transporting the test DC to assembly & assemble; assembly completed sucessfuly. But when i go to approval tab & click on history button,i cant find “release to CTS ” button..

    Do i need to apply any more patches to get ” Release to CTS ” button??????

    Also i have three more questions:

    1) Can i have transport route configured from Dual stack sytem to pure Java system??

    2)During XI transport using CTS+ im unable to perform SLD objects transport even if both version of CIM content are same??

    3)During the testing of transporting DC using CTS+ NWDI usage i tried attching assembled sca in transort req.. i get the following error:

    Unexpected error; inform your system administrator – Error executing function (check stacktrace for details):CTS_FILE_APPEND_TO_REQUEST, (

    Please help in answering above queires..


  • Hi,

    Thanks for putting a nice blog for CTS Plus for NWDI. We have configured it and it is working fine single track. We also have maintanence track in addition to prod track. How to move the changes from Prod to maintanence track if we use CTS+ ?

    Since we dont use import, we are still strugling to move the changes to maintanence track.


  • Hi,

    This blog is quite excellent..
    I have an issue like if I try run “Transport Organizer WEB UI” from STMS -> Environment -> Transport Organizer WEB UI gives me blank screen.
    Please assist.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Leonardo.
    Thank for this blog. Quite usefull.
    But one thing left for me: could I deactivate the filesystem option in the transport?

    Thanks & regards