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We want to thank all the folks who submitted, your Widgets will be available in the download catalog for all to see here soon. It was tough to judge the contest and we ended up on two calls late yesterday (late for me) and one judge almost missed their flight to Germany so we could work things out and I can now happily report that we have selected the two winners.

Our second place winner, Second Prize: chumby + 150 SCN Points

(update: due to international power, formats, etc. A Lego Mindstorm was shipped as the Second place prize instead of the Chumby.)

Is Paolo Romano and their “Clinical Workstation Widget”, “In SAP IS-Healthcare, the doctor can keep under contril his ward/department by using the “Clinical Worksttion” (NWP1 tcode) which allow to do all his daily tasks on the patients. Beside of this, he can keep under control only one ward at a time in a single SAP session; this widget permits to the doctors to control more wards simultaneously, by showing the the ward, his description, the status (green for non-modified ward, yellow for the ones which recently accepted a new patient an, eventually the number of new entry in the ward – yellow marked).”

Paolo took a common issue and found a way to pull the data into an easy to use interface saving time and energy to maintain the environment. Congratulations to Paolo!! 

Now the first place winner was one that might surprise many, however it truely captured what many consider the true power and value of a widget. It took a complicated problem, a complex environment and provided a simple interface that with just a look gives the user a complete overview and idea of what is happening from start to finish. An intuative interface that makes a complex situation an easy one to deal with. So with that our First Prize:  Wii System + 300 SCN points



This one goes to Vishalkumar Patel for “Truck Allocation”. Described as “A certain cement manufacturing company was facing a loss of USD 150000 a month as they had to pay for the trucks that queued outside the plant gate to take the cement load. Our analysis showed that the company needed a Truck Allocation System which would use a person at a allocation desk to allocate the incoming trucks to a vacant slot. The time period between each slot was set at one hour and the maximum number of trucjs for each slot was also set at 5. The company has 5 bays to load the trucks, Ech truck takes a time of one hour to load. The Truck Allocation system US was designed using widgets. The transporter would call in and ask for a slot on a given day. The person at the helpdesk would in turn use the widgets to select the particular day using the calendar provided and here he can see the slots available and if it is full or it can accommodate more trucks. The slots would turn red when the upper limit of 5 is reached. The administrator has the option to allocate and deallocate using the buttons provided.”

Congratulations Vishalkumar!! 


Please give our winners and each of the others who submitted a round of applause! 

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  1. Former Member
    Great that a widget featuring an industry solution’s use case won this contest.

    Well done! Hope that us working in that area can download and enjoy it soon.


    1. Former Member
      Thanks Anton!!!!
      I hope you’ll enjoy this widget and the other that will come on “our” area of expertise!!!

      Kind regards and…merry christmas!!!

        1. Jim Spath
          Well, it worked as far as not seeing the winner for the few fractions of a second until I scrolled the screen past the second prize.  Next time give more prizes so the anticipation lasts longer ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Former Member
    i thank SDN for conducting this cool contest ..More contest to be conducted in the comming year…once congrads for the winners..

    Jaideep Srinivasan


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