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Mass cancellation of error messages – XI

For reprocessing of error messages refer to The specified item was not found.

Our SAP XI sandbox is troubling us for quite few days and it results lot of error messages and I was asked to cancel thousands of error messages to save some disk space, often I have seen such requirement where we need to cancel error messages in bulk for particular period or we need to cancel message for particular interface because they can’t be resend (we often encounter such request for development and QA system and sometime even for production system).

There is one ABAP report, which can do it for us.

  • Goto T-code: SE38
  • Press F8
  • Fill fields as per requirement (fields are self-describing)

Selection screen of RSXMB_CANCEL_MESSAGES


Refer to section “Others”, you will see three checkbox important ones are below:

  • Test: uncheck it if you really want to cancel messages
  • Cancel EO Messages Only: uncheck if only want to cancel both EO and EOIO else only EO messages will be cancelled.

Other tab

After executing this report goto SXMB_MONI and see error messages.

Cancelled messages


You can also schedule this report using SM36 to run periodically (may be once in a week) in background, you can also use variant for selective cancellation of messages (i.e. for particular interface).

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  • Hi Gourav,

    Good blog. However i would suggest you to add the following..
    >>cancel message for particular interface because they can’t be resend
    cancel message for particular interface because they can’t be resend and can`t be deleted.


    • Hi Jonny,

      You can only delete messages with status “further processing not possible”. In case of successful message and sync error message you can delete them by scheduling job via SXMB_ADM but these job wont delete async error messages hence you first need to cancel these messages then you can delete them via job.

      Hope it clarify your doubts.