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Welcome to SDN City – This year’s waste of time ;-)

It’s year end for most everyone and so you deserve a chance to simply waste a few of your precious seconds, all you have to do is click the link and see the city grow with each visit. Once it hits certain levels you can use the additional links to increase industry, security, etc.

A total waste of time and fun to boot 🙂

Visit the SDN MiniCity, and just in case you are wondering I found it I did not build it. I did however build the Irregulars MiniCity and Blag built his Blag MiniCity but the person who made this one may or may not even be related to us but I have a feeling their city will flourish 😉

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  • Craig,

    What an idea to have own city over web. Now I have a city with my name and am sure soon will get some habitants also.

    Looks cool and soon will be snowfall again:)