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Hopefully, many of you have allready heard of the “SAP Facts Chuck Norris style” website at If you haven’t, let me quickly summarize what it is all about (the best way of finding out is actually to visit :

  • It contains short facts which show how great and allmighty SAP and SAP’s product are
  • These facts are either extremely exagerated or totally made up (this is one time where lying is appreciated)
  • The concept is based on the original Chuck Norris facts and Bruce Schneier facts
  • An example SAP fact: “When SAP NetWeaver was released, there was a disturbance in the Force”

Update 1: Pruning of facts

Altogether, over 200 facts have been submitted to “SAP Facts Chuck Norris style”. Unfortunately, not all of them live up to the high standards the site has. Some of them frankly aren’t that funny and some of them actually put SAP down instead of giving SAP God-like qualities. Therefore, I myself as judge, jury and executioner have unapproved inappropriate facts so that we’re only left with 73 of the highest quality facts.

Update 2: Vote trend (beta)

Has your dream always been to track the trend of votes to an SAP fact? If yes, you really do lack ambition.

However, since there might be someone like you out there (and since I wanted to try out Adobe Flex), a new feature has been implemented which allows you the see the vote trend of any fact. Use the slider on the bottom part of the screen to get the results at any moment a vote was cast.

Vote trend (beta)


This was of course written in hardcore Web 2.0 technologies and uses Adobe flex, Flex charting API, REST and JSON.

That’s the update for this time. Please let me know if you have any feature request or general comments.

PS: I have to admit that SAP facts doesn’t run SAP

PSS: Chuck Norris has just endorsed a presidential candidate in the US. Have a look at the video at YouTube. You might not agree with the politics, but you have to admit the candidate has humour

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