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SAP Business Explorer (BEx) Analyzer in SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0

The SAP Business Explorer (BEx) Analyzer has long provided users with the ability to view and analyze SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) data interactively within Microsoft Excel, using embedded navigation functions to evaluate data. The SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 release provides enhanced navigation features such as drag and drop to facilitate end-user interaction, a new design mode to build more complex applications, and new access to Excel formatting and formulas to take advantage of Excel features in workbook design. Additionally, the design of the new Integrated Planning tool allows you to use your BEx Analyzer workbooks for planning as well as reporting.


The SAP NetWeaver BI/Excel Integration in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) e-book, based on a presentation I delivered earlier this year at the ASUG/Sapphire 2007 Atlanta conference, describes the new features delivered for the BEx Analyzer in the latest release.


Additionally, Development has continued to provide enhancements to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 throughout 2007 with support packages. Some of the highlights of these support packages follow:


Conditions Dialog
You use the conditions dialog to formulate conditions for a query so that you can analyze data efficiently. The system hides figures that are irrelevant to your query. You use the conditions dialog to define and edit conditions in a workbook. You can also activate or deactivate conditions created in the BEx Query Designer.



Upload selection
You can upload text files for filter values and for the Variable Screen. In the Selection Dialog, you right-click to open a context menu and select Upload Selections.


You can then select the appropriate file from the Open dialog.



Other Enhancements:

  • Command Wizard – This wizard helps you to customize a button item.
  • Cancel Button – This button stops the system from loading a query.
  • Selection Variants – You can now save and call selection variants built on different queries.
  • Drill Across Sheets – You use this function to create a view of the filtered query data on a separate worksheet in your workbook. You can create a view for each characteristic value of the selected characteristic, which provides you with an up-to-date worksheet for each member of the selected characteristic. The system copies the design items and DataProvider to each worksheet.
  • Filter Input in Navigation Blocks – You use this function to enter values manually in the filter area of the navigation block. You can also enter a list of single values in the filter area, using commas to separate these single values.


For the complete list of delivered SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 enhancements, as well as those planned for 2008, see the Functional Enhancements Schedule for BI in SAP NetWeaver 7.0. (An SAP Service Marketplace login is required to access this link.)

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  • Dear Kathleen,

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. It’s really good to see that SAP is continuing bringing new (also some existing in older releases) functionalities in BI 7.

    I have a question. We are looking for Excel-like Freeze-pane functionality in BEx-Web-Analyzer (that means when we run BI report using Web-browser or via Portal). Is it something in planning for future release ? (I heard in SPS13 something called USE_SCROLLBAR has been introduced but I don’t know whether that’s like Excel Freeze-pane feature).

    btw: I have a question thread in SDN forum open: /thread/664509 [original link is broken]

    Thank you !

    And wish you and your family very very happy and prosperous New year 2008.