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Enabling Search for Web Pages Created with Web Page Composer

I am often asked whether web pages created with Web Page Composer can be searched within the SAP NetWeaver Portal.  The answer is YES!!!

To do this is very similar to creating an index within KM.  The are only two main pamaters that have to be defined while creating the index:

  • There is a unique Crawler Paramter “wpc”.  This crawler parameter come already configured and is delivered as part of the standard system.
  • An Additional Property “contentUrlProp” has to be defined with the value of “wpc:wpc_wcm_trex_url”.

Here is a step by step on how to create an index for the web pages created in Web Page Composer.

Navigate to Index Administration.  Menu path: System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Index Administration

Creating a new index:

  • Select Create and enter the Properties for your index.
  • Give it an ID; such as “WPC_Content” as well as a name “WPC Content” which will be displayed in the Advanced Search
  • If you group your indexes, select a Group and Add it to the index.
  • For the Crawler Parameters select “wpc”. This comes preconfigured in the SAP standard system
  • For Service, select “TREXSearch”
  • For the field Items to be index, you can select Documents, All or Folders. Select Documents.
  • An Additional Property needs to be defined. Add the property “contentUrlProp” with the value “wpc:wpc_wcm_trex_url”. Before saving your index, Select Add to add the property to the index.


  • Select Create Index. You should get an informational message saying “index has been created”.
  • The next step is to create the data source for your index. Select “Data Sources” and then select “Add”.
  • Navigate to the Web Content repository and select it. Select “OK”. Please note that the Web Content repository is the repository that is delivered as part of the standard for Web Page Composer.
  • Save your entry.


  • Define Schedule – you can define a daily, weekly or monthly cycles for the schedule that will index your web pages. In this example, I created a daily schedule where the indexing of web pages will start at 12:00 am.


  • Select OK and then Select Save to save your schedule.
  • Select Permissions to specify the permissions for your index.


You will now be able to search for Web Page Composer content within the SAP NetWeaver Portal once your index has been created. Here I enter “laptop” and I get a list of results of pages where the term “laptop” is used.




Not only can your web pages can be indexed and searched within the NetWeaver Portal, all of the web pages created within Web Page Composer can be indexed by 3rd party search engines!

For more information about Web Page Composer, please see help documentation at

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  • Hi Joy, i had some problems with the index . In Display Queue Entries, into  output.xml files , they returned the next  error: 6500, do you know something about that?



    • Hi Eliza,
      Do you have other indexes that are working? i.e. KM indexes?

      Typically error code 6500 occurs if TREX is indexing while the J2EE engine is not available.  For example, TREX could have been started before the J2EE engine has been started up.  Can you try restarting the J2EE engine and then restart the TREX services and try to reindex.

      If you still have the problem, I would suggesting opening a customer message with the version of TREX you are using as well as attaching the log file.

      Kind regards,

      • Thanks Joy, the other indexs have been working fine, only wpc index doesn’t work, i restarted J2EE engine and also TREX but show me  the same thing.


        • Hi Elizabeth,

          have a look in your portal’s log files and you might see some errors there. I recently had the same symptom (although this error is very generic) because permissions were not set correctly in the PCD objects for WPC. The documentation was not complete in this case – there are some extra WPC objects under* as well as*. Let me know if you don’t know what I mean.

          • Thanks Boris, do you refer to Permissions for Security Zones?, and which files of log of the entry I have to checked?.



        • Hi Elizabeth,

          I found what I was talking about above. Here are the docs that talk about permissions:

          Take a look and make sure “Everyone” had “End user” permissions on the “” object. Also, be sure to check your log files for further clues as to what exactly is wrong – this error might also be logged on the portal side, not just on the TREX side.

          • Thanks a lot Boris, the problem was solved,  permissions on object were not configured.

            Thanks Joy too.



  • Hi Joy, Eliza again , i saw in the second image of your tutorial,  image shows the top level navigation, how do you do that?

    Thanks for everything =)


  • Hi, goot wb!

    I Have a question: After all step my index goes in error with http 400 end trex error 6400. My wpc work under anonmous site.

    Did you have any idea?


      • Hello Siva,
        TREX 6400 error is typically a queserver error, unfortunately I cannot say exactly what caused the error.  If you are still having this error, please look at notes provided by SAP or entering a customer message if you think it is a bug.

        Kind regards,

        • Hi Joy,
          The problem got resolved by removing the custom property in the index “contentUrlProp”. Index is running fine and I could get the WPC pages in the search results. Only problem is , Site contents are also indexed and shows up in the results. As a work around, i have indexed the webpages folder of the each site separately.


  • hi,

    I followed all the steps, but the index does not work. if I let the crawler wpc. looking into this I found that the problem is in the Resource Filters (Result): When the filter attached wpc_output. because this filter has the property.
    Item ID Mode (Documents / Web Pages Only): include
    Item ID Patterns (csv): output.xml.

    I understand that the property Item ID Patterns (csv), I can filter the file type for the index. I do not understand that I must include output.xml

    What is the file path output.xml?

      can someone help me please.