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Update Your ABAP Development Skills to SAP NetWeaver 7.0

If the title of this blog sounds familiar, then chances are good that you have attended session CD251 at one of the TechEds this year. This session focuses on introducing new development technologies (Persistent Objects, Enterprise Services, Model Classes, Web Dynpro ABAP), but in a connected, practical example. This way the session could touch on cross-technology topics like transactionality, cross-component usage, and model re-use. The session was designed for developers who have a good 4.6C level of ABAP development skills, but who want to update those skills to the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 world.

So “delta training” for ABAP developers has long been an interest of mine.  I have ABAP 46C to 640 Delta Training in the past and wrote something Next Generation ABAP Development Book as well. I also thought it would make a useful TechEd session – leading to the creation of CD251.  Now I would like to extend much of that same content to a wider audience by offering it as an on-line E-Learning.

There are some obvious advantages to attending a session at TechEd.  You get to participate in the hands-on exercises directly and you can ask questions of your lab partner and of the instructors.  However the main disadvantage is the time limit.  So even if you had a chance to attend CD251, I encourage you to have a look at this E-Learning.  Not restricted by the 4 hour time frame, I was able to dig deeper into certain topics.

This series I did was designed to provide different content than the TechEd session it was built upon; however don’t forget that many sessions during TechEd were recorded and are available on the Virtual TechEd 07 page within SDN.

Eventually each chapter of this E-Learning will be added to the SDN E-Learning Catalog.  Once the videos are hosted on SDN I will place links to them here as well.  Until that time, I offer them in a downloadable format.

75Mb 1 hour 13 minutes
View Link

Chapter 1 – Persistent Objects
62Mb 1 hour 9 minutes
View Link

Chapter 2 – Class Based Exceptions
27Mb 35 minutes
View Link

Chapter 3 – Advanced ABAP
50Mb 59 minutes
View Link

Chapter 4 – Enterprise Services
40Mb 45 minutes
View Link

Chapter 5 – Web Dynpro ABAP
106Mb 1 hour 50 minutes
View Link

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  • Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for all of these cool materials. I hope I’ll have time during my Xmas holiday to check them.
    I had a quick look and in some slides version ABAP 7.1 was partially covered or mentioned.
    Will be any blog or material in SDN about the new things in ABAP 7.1?
    • I did cover a few items around 7.1 in the intoduction video, but this TechEd session was mostly focused on NetWeaver 7.0. 

      There was another session at TechEd – CD200 – that was totally focused on what was new in NetWeaver 7.1 ABAP. I’m not sure if that content is set to come to SDN in general or not.  I’m sure you will see more on the topic as we get closer to the release of NetWeaver 7.1.

      Also if you are interested in Enterprise Services, NetWeaver Product Management recently did a blog series on NetWeaver 7.1.  The ABAP Consuming and Producing Blog, does also show new features of ABAP 7.1.

      • Thanks for the info.
        I downloaded the SOA ABAP videos as well, they are also interesting.
        I like the format of these video of new e-learning materials.
  • Thanks . Its wonderful that there is someone out there who belives in propogating the DELTA. There is no standard course at SAP which does taht. University still does the basic 400 and 420 which is of no use anymore. Much Apprecited effort.
  • Hi Thomas,

    The way of presentation is very good. I have gone through only the introduction video only.

    Is there any way that I can get the new demo model tables? in the form of nugget or slank?

    Thank you in advance


    • The demo model that these exercises were based upon is available as of NetWeaver 7.0 SP13. For the purpose of the class (which was given on NetWeaver 7.0 SP12), I did have to backport some of the tables and of course added new programs around the demo model.

      If you attended the course, then I sent out an email with instructions on how you could download the demo model and exercises as either a transport file or SAPlink nugget.  However I don’t yet have permission to make that coding publically available yet (I’m still working on getting permission).

      • Hi Thomas,

        As I’m preparing to go to TechEd 08 Berlin, where I plan to attend the COMP277 session, I wonder if in the mean time you’ve gotten the permission to publish the exercise materials of last year’s session, as a nugget or transport file or whatever.
        I would like to prepare the parts you’re going to skip this year (or only demo), since this is excellent material for me.
        Thanks a lot…


        • The underlying NetWeaver Demo Model is now available for download.  It can be accessed here:
          Web Dynpro ABAP exercises from TechEd 2007

          This will give you the base tables and objects that these session materials were based upon. You can run the program, S_NWDEMO_MODEL_DG_EXECUTE. 

          My exercises from CD251 from last year can not be given out; I’m afraid.  If you attend, COMP277 you will get a copy of the new exercises and the updated versions of the CD251 exercises – all of which run on the final NetWeaver Demo Model.  I will try to make the COMP277 exercise code available on SDN as well after all the TechEds have taken place.

  • Hi Thomas,
         Yes These videos are very helpful in upgrading the knowledge from lower version to higher version like me .Thanks for contributing Thomas ….
    • How did you manage to get the presentation to work?

      I have Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave Flash, etc., installed but I can not get presentations to work.

      Many thanks

      • You should be able to play the videos directly via the index.htm file. However I recently learned (after the videos were created) that the tool SDN gives us to create the wrappers around the videos does not work in IE7.  I suspect that this may be the cause of many people who can not play the videos.  If you access the downloads, you can go to the resources directory and play the video directly from the WMV file.  It isn’t as nice since you don’t get the ability to jump to chapter points. 

        I’m in the process of recompiling the videos using a new tool and will resubmit them to SDN, but both processes take some time.  Until them I’m afraid that directly watching the WMV is the only workaround if you have problems launching from the frame or with the streaming version in the eLearning catalog.

  • Hi Thomas,

    First of all, thanks a lot for the material. I’ve found it very useful!

    I have a question on Chapter 1 – Persistent Objects:
    When defining the persistence on the table ZSDEMO_BP you say that one doesn’t need to map all the fields of the table (apart from the key fields). (At least, this is what I understood you to say.)
    However, when I create a persistent class and not use all the fields of the table when defining the persistence I get the following message on activating: There is no mapping for one or more fields.
    and activating fails.

    Did I misunderstand you in your presentation? Can you help me with this problem?

    I also posted a forum thread to this effect (On activating persistent class: There is no mapping for one or more fields) and I got a reply saying that I HAVE to map ALL the fields. Do you agree?


    • I know it used to allow you to not map all fields.  I did a project (although on 6.40) where I didn’t map all fields.  This might have changed of course – or it could be conditionality.  I would have to test the situation.  However there seems to be an easy work around. Just go ahead and map all fields, and mark the ones you don’t want to expose externally as Private.
      • Thanks Thomas,
        your suggestion (to map all the fields and then mark “unwanted” ones as private) works fine.
        Thanks also for the information that it used to be allowed not to map all fields.
  • Thomas,
    you did a fantastic job.
    For me it was very interesting to see the way into this technology future. I’m higly interested in these things. Unfortunately, most of the customers cant’t be encouraged using it. So it will take a while until we all can develop such well structured and secure applications in our daily work as SAP developer 🙁

    Do you have any recommendations regarding WebDynpro (e)learning stuff?


    • >Do you have any recommendations regarding WebDynpro (e)learning stuff?

      Check out the ABAP->Web Dynpro ABAP page here on SDN.  There are tutorial documents.  Also check out the eLearning section under ABAP and you will find a decent selection of Web Dynpro ABAP eLearning videos.

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if the ZSDEMO objects from the elearning would be made available to the public soon.  It would make it so much better when going through the exercises.

    The content of the elearning is really great!  Nice to see such things available to everyone, it certainly helps with the transition into this new method of developing better SAP applications.

    Thank Thomas!



    • We are working on this.  The problem is that there are persistent objects, so I can’t distribute the source code via SAPlink.  Would people be interested in getting a Transport file? I could perhaps make that available.
  • Hi Thomas

    It’s very nice that you have posted such a useful material on the SDN.

    I have only one question that It is possible to get all the demo tables and other objects which are available in this videos because then only It will be possible to learn about these new concepts.

    So can you please provide it?

    once again thanks a lot for such useful material


    • My exercises are based upon the same demo model. For my TechEd session I imported the SP14 version of the demo model, renaming everything into the Z-Name range however (incidently SAPlink is an excellent way to mass rename a large set of objects).

      Importing the demo model would give yo uthe ability to recreate these exercises, you would just have to adjust the naming of all the objects to point to the standard SAP ones instead of my Z copies.

  • Very nice blog and videos Thomas, congratulations.

    We have to develop some apps to report some info calling the applications from CRM2007 IC Web and/or from CRM2007 E-Selling (E-Commerce). Is there any issue or restriction calling webdynpro apps. from any those two frameworks?

    Best Regards.

    • I’m afraid that since the CRMUI (CRM 2007) is not part of NetWeaver I really only have a very  basic knowledge of it. I really wouldn’t be able to say how the CRM framework might or might not be able to call Web Dynpro Applications. You would have to ask someone who works with the CRM product.
    • The links were only downloadable until they were posted permanentely to the SCN eLearning libary. Once in the SCN eLearning Library, SCN only allows that they be streamed online and not be downloadable.
      • try to use real player latest it gives u an option while playing the video as Download this video
        just click on it and it will be downloaded on ur machine….
    • try to use real player latest it gives u an option while playing the video as Download this video
      just click on it and it will be downloaded on ur machine….
    • Hi Liliane,

      I just tested the links from the blog and they all work for me. Maybe you need top try again and ensure you are logged into SCN?


      Graham Robbo