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F/OSS: “First-Class SAP Consumers”?

O’Reilly editor and self-proclaimed promoter of free and open source software chromatic returned to the subject of Composition on Grails on Monday in his ONLamp blog More Composition on Grails. More to the point, he expanded the subject from Grails to the rest of the free and open source software communities.

Take note of what he recommends:

I realize that SAP doesn’t want to offer official support for languages other than Java and ABAP, but every demo I saw there with interaction between services over WS-* makes me think that the company could spend $50k in tech marketing very well by posting bounties with the appropriate F/OSS communities to beef up WSDL and SOAP support in languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP such that they can be first-class consumers of SAP middleware services in the same way as Groovy now is.

Indeed — I’ve seen plenty from the SDN Community on Perl (313 results), Python (392 results), Ruby (239 results), and PHP (1192 results). What do you think, Community? Where are the first-class consumers?

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