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ES COMMUNITY DEFINITION GROUP – Environment, Health & Safety – It’s done!

Environment, Health & Safety – It’s done!


ES Community Definition Group Environment, Health & Safety has had its final meeting on Monday the 17th of December in Walldorf (Germany). At the same time this workshop was the official close of this group.


Wolfgang Bock, lead of ES Community Definition Group EH&S, presented within two physical meetings (there were two further virtual meetings) the new services of EhP3 (Enhancement Package) in the atmosphere of Environment, Health & Safety, which was the main work of this group. Beside the presentation of the services there was a lively discussion towards the proposed services which was very fruitful and useful for all participants.


In addition to the possibility of reviewing and discussing the new services a bunch of presentations regarding eSOA (Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture) and around the environment of eSOA were given to the attendees of this CDG, e. g.


  • Enterprise SOA and ES Bundles Introduction
  • SAP Composition Environment
  • ISV – Composite Applications
  • Implementation of an End-2-End eSOA scenario
  • Enterprise SOA Use-Cases
  • Blogging for the ESC


Especially the point “Blogging for the ESC” should be pretty interesting for all participants of CDG EH&S, providing you with the extraordinary possibility to post your own thinking and impressions regarding the work within a specific CDG and share this content with all the other members of the community.


At the end of the day all member of ES Community Definition Group EH&S agreed, that it was a very good opportunity to get a closer look at the upcoming services of EhP3 to get a better idea of the new possibilities that will be available soon.

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