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This year is endind…We’re soon going to start 2008 with a lot of nice news and surprises. I wanted to end this wonderful year with my humble list of best blogs…Not all categories are included, because I’m not an expert in every area…But I think it’s still a nice list.



SAPChess by Marcelo Ramos

ABAP Bitmap Image Processing Class by Thomas Jung

Tool for ABAP Developers: Easy ABAP Open SQL Joins! by Dushyant Shetty 



Yet another webdynpro (ABAP) se16 clone by Marcello Urbani

SAP Elegant Finder was born – it is the Open Source that makes a pleasure to search on Web Dynpro for ABAP by Sergio Ferrari

Integrating ALV in the Web Dynpro for ABAP(WDA ) application by Kamal Kumar 


Business Server Pages 

An Introduction to FLOB (Flex on BSP) by Thomas Jung

Not a how to, but a what is: MVC – Model View Controller Pattern by Benjamin J Deaver

Using YouTube API inside a BSP application by Ignacio Hernández


Emerging Technologies 

SAP MP3 – plug Business and play Music by Sergio Ferrari

Engaging User Interfaces with Adobe Flex by Matthias Zeller


SAP NetWeaver Platform 

Developer’s Journey through the SDN Subscription Program – Ch.1 Getting the Goods by Ed Herrmann 



Tasting the mix of Ruby and SAP – Volume 4 by Alvaro Tejada Galindo 



Tasting the mix of PHP and SAP – Volume 12 by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

PHP in Netweaver Platform by Abdulbasit Gulsen

Developing composite applications with PHP – Google Maps by Frederic-Pascal Ahring



BSP Meet your AJAX Framework: AJS by Daniel McWeeney 



sapnwrfc for Python – To complete a hat trick by Piers Harding 


Scripting Languages

SAP NW RFCSDK – it’s here! by Piers Harding 


Application Server

Purely Offline Adobe Scenario for BAPI call by Lisha Peter

Wii Goes Enterprise by Ed Herrmann 



The ABAP Runtime Trace (SE30) –  Quick and Easy by Siegfried Boes

SCRIPT DEBUGGING by Sudheer Junnuthula

Beyond SAP
majority desk – get your wiihands on! by Ed Herrmann
Psychopathology of Software Development by Tobias Trapp
Colgate-Palmolive & SAP Imagineering Fellowship by Daniel McWeeney

Business Intelligence (BI)
What should be the Next Big Thing for SAP in BW/BI? by Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

Business Process Expert
The specified item was not found. by Richard Hirsch

SDN Contributor WordPress Widget by Oliver Kohl
Create your First Yahoo! Widget ! by Abesh Bhattacharjee
SDN Points on Your Desktop by Guillaume García
Community Day

SAP Mentor Program by Mark Finnern

SAP Community Day – Looking forward not backward… by Thomas Alexander Ritter

Where is Eddy? by Mark Finnern

Blag on TechEd (Las Vegas) – Community Day by Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Java Programming 

Make a JavaFX application calling a BAPI, using your SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment by Ignacio Hernández 


SAP Developer Network 

Forget the 1 Million… by Craig Cmehil

Two Shots from the Past by Mark Finnern

SAP Community Network Reaches One Million Members! by Mark Yolton


SAP TechEd

My TechEd 2007 experience….a photo tour! by Christopher Solomon

Majority…what? Majority Desk! by Alvaro Tejada Galindo 


Happy Blogging! 

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  1. Marcelo Ramos
    Hi Blag,

    Thanks for recognition !

    This type of work is very important to our community. While you recognizes the work of someone also encourages these people to continue and improve increasingly !

    Thanks for look for SAPChess and others works.

    Kind Regards.

    Marcelo Ramos

    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author
      Hi Marcelo:

      Thanks for your comment -:) It’s both my job and passion to do this kind of things for SCN…Without people like you, SCN wouldn’t have become as big as it is right now -;)



  2. Hi Alvaro,

    How are you? Good idea putting these in a summary form.

    I just have a question for you? Did you take a look at our ABAP Report Wizard weblog?

    It does a lot more than the other one you put there (not wanting to take the credit from that. It was a good weblog too).
    Our program not only creates the SQL call graphically (while the other uses list view) but support aliases, left outer join and etc. Also it generates all the data declaration, select screen and even the ALV code! All ABAP code for a simple report is automatically done with no ABAP!!!

    We presented it in Vegas and it has been downloaded quite a bit.

    Despite it all, it has never been fully supported by the SDN. It was never published on SDN newsletter, even though it was one of the trully SDN projects.

    I am not disappointed with you, don’t understand me wrong, please. You are my friend. It is just that is shows how much SDN has undervalued this initiative…


    Leonardo De Araujo
    ABAP Report Wizard project…

    1. Alvaro Tejada Galindo Post author

      What can I say man -:( I totally missed your blog…I have no excuse…I really wanted to put it on the list, but somehow I missed it…Remember that we talk about it on Vegas…

      You’re right…SDN haven’t give ABAP Report Wizard the publicity that it deserves…And that’s really sad…

      Trust me that I’m going to help spreading your project…It’s the least I can do -:)




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