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SAP develops predefined, preconfigured self service. These services facilitating an increase in employee efficiency, reduce costs, speed portal deployments, and maximize the value of your IT infrastructure thus helping companies get the most out of their IT investments.This document provides implementation guide for using confirmation screen links functionally with the Self-Services application of ERP6.0 and above

Typical business scenarios for confirmation screen links:

In General, confirmation screen links functionally is used to list out the most preferable next steps at the completion of a specific application.

1.       Restart the application to verify the changes are visible

2.        Standard Employee Self-Service business package uses the following pattern. Display an overview; group the application with respected to functional areas. At the end of the application the end user will prefer to go to the following screens

a.        Overview Screen

b.       Specific Functional Area Screen

3.        Go to any new application. Ex: After updating family member/dependent details the employee will prefer to update the benefit information also

Steps to implement confirmation screen links with your own application:

1.      Create an entry confirmation screen links view

Make a new entry under the following IMG activity: Personnel Management -> Employee Self-Service-> General Setting -> Homepage for Self-Services ->Services -> Define links on the confirmation page

Entry in customizing view
2.      Connect this entry with WebDynpro application

        Use the start up parameters (application parameters) of the WebDynpro application to call this table entry. Maintain the key value of the new table entry against the parameter sap.xss.linklistkey

      Application Property 

3.      Add the confirmation link view in the last road map step of the application

This step has to be performed in the FPM application creation step. Self-Service Administrator role is used for this. Add the FPM View of confirmation screen link (find the following PCD location: portal_content/ to the perspective of the last Roadmap step.

FPM Application

4.  How does it look?

     Runtime view

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  1. Former Member

    when i launch my WD in a new window from UWL, i realise my confirmation links are missing at the confirmation page.   However, when i access it from the portal , the links are working fine.

    In UWL, I have tried launch in new window and in portal mode , but the links just do not appear at the confirmation perspective.  

    I wonder if the new window need to configured any additional settings in the portal.   I realised that if i create an iview, it works fine.  Any ways to have the WD shows the links at the confirmation ?

    1. Former Member

      What are the minimum code changes are required to launch WD from a new window from UWL in NWDS.

      I have similar issues in the ”Leave Request” Form.


        1. Former Member
          Hi Woon Peng sam,
          Nice to see your reply.

          I forgot to mention that I am using EP6& ECC5.
          and not able to find “Define links on the confirmation page” in ECC5.

          Using below code the Link is displaying but when i click nothing is coming.

          Same action for “Link” is working fine from the initiator side but not from the UWL.

          Please suggest me if any alternative setting is there.

          Where can be found these xml file.


  2. Former Member
    Hi Raja,
    I have come across your blog and i have 1 question.Basically i want to move the confirmation links from top to bottom. In all ess Service in the confirmation page the links are shown on the top , I wanted to move those links to bottom of the screen. Any idea how to do that.
    appreciate your reply on this.


    1. Antony Raja T Post author
      Please change the FPM configuration in the last step. You have to do this from the role “Self- Service Administrator”.
      Hope this helps.

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