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Demo Jam @ SAP TechEd Bangalore


Composition on Rails: Scripting and Rails on SAP NetWeaver – Michael Hill and Thomas Jung
It is really tough to make an audience understand and appreciate a pure technical concept within 6 minutes. But I should say that this demo was really really good. It satisfied the front benchers but not the back benchers and with the applausometer on, this makes a huge difference. The main idea of this demo was to demonstrate a means to build flexible composites quickly. Composition on Rails uses “Groovy” which is an open standard scripting language. This runs on Java Virtual Machine and this means anything you do in Java you can also do in Groovy. The best part of the demo was when they showed the amount of code which gets generated automatically and the ease with which we can change it.

Second life mashups for a virtual world SOA experience – Yuvaraj Mani and Jasvir Gill
Most people skip the first life and hop directly into second life. But this cannot be deemed as a super hit in India. But nevertheless, selling and buying real stuff in the virtual world has become a craze now. Using SAP Netweaver BI, expressions in second life like dancing and nodding are converted into meaningful data like approval and disapproval and this will give an idea of the response of customers to your promotional campaigns. The idea was interesting but I should mention here that the presentation lacked the crowd-pulling effect. This demo was among the top three.

Composite application for internet buying using Yahoo Pipe – Lalit Gupta and Gururaj CS
A single application which has the ability to query data from multiple channels was the basic idea behind this application. The application was built on the existing SAP NetWeaver CE infrastructure and it also uses Yahoo Pipes. The demo focussed on searching for a Product in multiple online sales channels and then giving a consolidated view. The procurement process was also integrated with the backend. This demo was also among the top three.

Mobilizing SAP to extend its reach to all mobile phones – Santosh Naidu and Sujeet Rathod
The winner of the Bangalore edition of Demo Jam. The presentation was neat and the application made a lot of sense especially to the Indian way of doing business ( you should have heard the noise when they showed an SMS in Kannada – even though it was a snapshot ). No wonder it scored the maximum among the teams in the applausometer. The application was simple in it’s concept – for a person who does not have access to a computer or an Internet application, it is obvious that anything else which is available should be used and the only communication channel which is reaching all corners of a country like India is the mobile phone connectivity. So why not use SMS for business transactions. As long as security is taken care of, then it is a very useful way of doing transactions. And you don’t even need an expensive mobile handset – even a very basic model can send SMS messages. This made a lot of sense to an Indian audience and it deserved to be the winner here.

CRM on e-mail – Nishant Kumar and Sahana Shekhar
An application very similar to the one I have discussed above. But compared to the above application, this had two shortcomings – first, it was very specific to CRM and second, it stopped with just the e-mail part and did not venture into SMS. Not all mobile handsets come with a facility to access e-mails and accessing e-mails through the mobile phone is rarely used when compared to sending SMS which is sometimes over used. This is where this application fell short. The basic concept here was that a Sales Representative on the move will be able to do CRM-specific transactions like creating Lead or checking the Calendar for Appointments can be done in “any e-mail enabled device”, as they call it.

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    I am also egar to hear from you about my Flashback demo on enterprise widget.

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