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My story with SAP Community Network

This blog “Forget the 1 Million…” from Craig keep me thinking…And of course…He also ask me to do this…So this is the extended version of a very well known story -:)

I was working in large project…Developing a huge Dynpro Interface for the Lima, Perú Airport…Of course, I needed some sort of break, so I start browsing the web for some PHP information…I discovered SDN (Second time)…By reading John Coggeshal post Welcome!

I just couldn’t believe that PHP and SAP can be used together…I read John’s blog (Included on the post)…Read more posts, installed the connector and post my first post -:) Happy with SAP and PHP

I develop two examples…One using RFC_READ_TABLE and other using RFC_READ_REPORT…I don’t remember exactly how I contact Craig for the first time…Did I send him a mail? Did I chat with him on Skype? Anyway…I became a Blogger and publish my first blog Tasting the mix of PHP and SAP 

Funny but true…I remember that after my first blog…My former boss ask me to quit Blogging on SDN…Why? I don’t know…But what I do know is that I quit and start my Freelance career…And trying to take away from SDN was a bad move from him…I’m sure that know he regrets it -;)

I keep blogging and learning and post my first Ruby post Tasting the mix of Ruby and SAP

With a nice number of blogs posted and a lot of new friends I keep working both for SDN and my own job.

BPX came along so I became a member…I haven’t post any BPX related blog…Which is really bad, because I really want to get more involved…But there’s a time for everything.

This year I was lucky enough to attend my first TechEd ever…And the first person I meet was Rich Heilman…I wrote a blog per day…Hard job if you ask me…Specially because Craig told me to translate all those blogs into Spanish to be posted on my personal blog “El Blog Tecnológico de Blag“.

In my almost 3 years on SCN…I have used some pictures of myself…Wanted to show them to remember how I started here -;)




Ok…I know what you’re thinking…I haven’t used the last picture…At least not on SCN…But I’m planning to used it soon…So I wanted to know your opionions first…Don’t want to make a photo mistake -;)

Now, you know my story…The extended version…What is yours? How did SCN changed your life? Please tell your story…We’re all ready to listen (Or read it).

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  • Hi Blag,

    It’s good to know, the way, you started your journey on this community. The journey that you have strated 3 years back is in a well shape now. As an active member, ohh..sorry, not only active but as a “very active” member of this community your contributions is fabulous. I am sure your contributions will be bigger and better day by day….

    All the best Blag!!!!!…


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