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Best Practices with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

This blog outlines the best practices to follow when creating forms using the Adobe® LiveCycle™ forms technology.

This will cover topics such as:

  • How to create nested tables
  • Locale and Internationalization
  • Proper selection of fonts
  • Using Value Help in online interactive forms
  • Printing using specific input trays
  • Designing accessible forms
  • Digital Signatures

 Along with explanations and sample files, each blog entry will also explain how the Adobe technology works.  Best Practices are better realized when there is an increase of the understanding of the underlying technology.  Therefore, I will include explanations of various aspects of the Adobe and SAP technology as part of each posting.   However, given that time constraints often mean that a solution is needed quickly, each posting will have attached samples files that can be used immediately.  

 Since there will be a need to link to various concepts as part of an entry, I will be using the SDN Wiki to store explanations of core concepts and then use links to the SDN Wiki as part the blog entry.  Since there is no section reserved as yet in the SDN wiki, the links may change in the future once sufficient content is created.  As well, the blog entry will be a summary with the complete details stored as a PDF file, which I will attempt to attach or refer to as part of the blog entry.

Please note that this blog should not be used as the primary means of support.  While I will be updating the contents and checking the comments regularly, if you have an issue that needs to be resolved immediately, I would recommend opening a customer message as per the normal SAP support procedure.  I work on the SAP Escalations team at Adobe so it is likely that my team will be involved if your issue is sufficiently complex and requires immediate attention.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas!! 

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