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I’m neither an English nor an American Guy. We started to Learn English in Primary School 4th Class in North Cyprus. When we’re at high school and able to write/read/speak English, we got some PenPals around the world.  The Last Sentence of our HardCopy Mails is always “We Look forward To Hear From you Soon!”. Mails are reaching within 15 Days and arriving 15 Days. So it takes 1 month to say “How Are you?” and get response “Fine, and you?”.  Funny, isn’t it.

Now everything changed, and you hear from them almost within micro seconds. You got friends from internet, see their picture, hear them via voice mails, internet phones and watch them via YouTube, MSN WebCam and so on…

Also preparing web sites, communities, blogs, talking over web sites are known communication methods.

Recently I’ve read an Internet Article which mentions that “Content is Dead, Community is King” about the changes over Neverland.

Then where will we use “We Look Forward To Hear From You Soon!”?

For last 3 years, I’ve spend most of my time with Netweaver Portal projects within Turkey and now around Europe.


Yes I’ve prepared lots of Web Portals, for relative companies, friends, for myself… with PHPNuke, Postnuke, and now Joomla. Those are the open source PHP/MySQL based Content Management and Portal  Systems.


Now we’ve implemented over 15 Enterprise Portals within Turkey, 1 in Holland.

Me and Customers are asking questions about Enterprise Portal Abilities and some questions are still unanswered.

We’re trying to calm down Customers with: “Don’t worry, SAP is still developing Netweaver Portal. With new Releases and new patches, new abilities are coming. Hope the one you asked will come with the next patch”  ๐Ÿ™‚  This leads us to watch the SP Stack Release dates and Release Notes just like watching “Lost” on TV.

Here the questions, I cannot answer at the moment;

QUESTION1: Why Service or Communication User Type just like in ABAP does not exist within J2EE? (At Last SAP Answered with SPS11)

REQUIREMENT1: For SLD Connections, ADS Connections. After Password Expiration Times, every WD/Java appl using JCO and ADS services stops working.

QUESTION2: When SM50 like Real Time Process Monitoring will be available?

REQUIREMENT2: We need to see which process, by whom, since when.

QUESTION3: When SM04 like Real Time User Monitoring will be available?

REQUIREMENT3: We need to know how many user online at the moment, how many sessions they’re using, which apps runs on each session?

QUESTION4:When ST03 Like Workload Analysis Tools will be available?

REQUIREMENT4: We need to analyze the application specific load, which apps causes performance problems, response times, … 

Questions like above can be listed as long list.

Recently, we’re at TechEd Munich and see that SAP Guys also confusing Terms for Netweaver World.

But they gave us hope with their Demos and PPTs that good things are coming soon…

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  1. Raguraman Chandrasekar
    Seems like SAP Guys @ Teched have tried your way “Don’t worry, SAP is still developing Netweaver Portal. With new Releases and new patches, new abilities are coming. Hope the one you asked will come with the next patch”

    You can have a look at Wily Introscope in Solution Manager for your Realtime monitoring.


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