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Who said that the ABAP does not provide entertainment? 


 SAPChessSAPChess was developed to demonstrate that ABAP is much stronger and more powerful than it seems.

With the arrival of innovations ABAP hasn’t lost its identity, just became better.


What is SAPChess ? 


SAPChess is an open source game developed in ABAP. That let you play Chess in three options:

  • Single Player – Where you can play alone;
  • Multiplayer – Where you can play with other player (Release 0.2.0);
  • CPU – Where you can play with CPU;

Also it’s possible send message (Release 0.3.0) while play in the multiplayer mode option.

How this was possible ?


Thanks to Guilherme Coe Maeda that has been working hard in SAPChess.

Thanks to ABAP Objects it was possible implement the artificial intelligence in

the game, thus it’s possible to win or lose to system!

To implement Multiplayer mode option to the game it was necessary to create a protocol like (TCP/IP)

to create sessions for communications between IP’s (Machines) !

Thanks to this protocol it will be possible to implement Message Service to SAPChess,  Probably up to release 0.3.0.

The Layout is simple, it was used nothing less than the good and old “WRITE”.


What are the objectives ?


Do ABAP more fun mixing advanced and simple concepts, and share it with all SDN community! 


Where to get SAPChess ? 


SAPChess can be downloaded from SAPChess Official Page.


Where to get more information about SAPChess?


See SAPChess on SDN or go to SAPChess Official Page.


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  • Hi Marcelo,
    Thanks for this stuff, it's really cool.
    Looking forward to the BSP or the WebDynpro version with improved graphics 🙂
    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    Which basis release is required for this game?
    Is it 6.40? I found no info about this in the SAPChess page.
    I just tried to install it to a R/3 4.70 / basis 6.20 system, but I got plenty of syntax errors.
    One of them was the missing "cl_abap_random" reference, which is probable only available as of 6.40. Is there any 6.20-compatible version is planned?
    • SAPChess is available for Netweaver 2004s (release 6.40) .

      I think we can use a Function Module instead class "cl_abap_random" in Release previous 6.40 !
      Me and Guilherme Maeda are working in free time to test, fix bugs and create new releases but we don't have much time to do it ! SAPChess is  free ( SAPChess is a free software under the terms of the General Public License ) So if any SDNr's have plan to create a 6.20 compatible version "WE" have 6.20-compatible version is planned 😉 !

      Thanks you for the feed back !
      Marcelo Ramos

      • Hi Marcelo,
        Thanks for the info.
        Currently I have the same time-problem, but hope next year I'll have time to check the possibilities in 6.20. I'll let you know.
        Best regards,