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Infotainment 2.0

The Data Orchestration Engine, a component of NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 was architected to satisfy the stringent needs on data correlation and data distribution particularly with the scalability requirements and freshness of the data in occasionally connected applications. However these requirements are not limited to the mobile domain alone, but can also be applied in many other domains and one such example is context based advertising.

Tough I’m not an industry expert, it’s quite evident that context based advertising is gaining more and more momentum in the industry and the question is,  Can we bring this into the most traditional media like the television?


In order to do context relevant advertising the two most important things to know are your consumers e.g. age, hobbies, preferences etc. and the characteristics of the content. Once you have these two, you need a high scalable infrastructure that can correlate the information in real time and push it to your end users. Let’s take some examples.

If you know that in a certain household more cartoons are watched than news, then you would want to advertise books, more cartoons than insurance products.

If you know that in a certain household more soaps are watched than anything else, then you would want to advertise lifestyle products, discount sales than energy drinks for example.

This list can grow, but the question is how do you know your consumer. The trick is to integrate the set top boxes (STB) and the Data Orchestration Engine (DOE) and then let the technology do the trick.




Above I’ve illustrated a high level architecture on how such an integration could look like.

At one end, you can integrate different content providers like Disney, Wal-Mart, iTunes etc. and the other end integrate STBs via the IPTV middleware. By continuously updating the profile of the consumer based on what he views, you can distribute advertisements that appear as text as shown below. By interacting with the STB using remote the user can even “buy online”.



In a nut shell, the Data Orchestration Engine is an open platform capable of integrating with a multitude of edge devices and multiple backends. If you would like to get more information, refer to the links below.


SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1

   More information on openness of Data Orchestration Engine

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