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Netweaver Portal 6.0 Vs 7.0 – Delta Features 1

This blog tries to list all the new features(major) available in Netweaver Portal 7.0.

I was searching SDN to find some blog/article outlining new features in Netweaver Portal 7.0 which doesnt exist in Netweaver Portal 6.0, couldnt find a comprehensive listing.

This delta feature list is based on the release notes (till NW2004S SPS 14 and NW 2004 SPS21) and you will find links to more information availabale in The feature description is taken from release notes.

For me these are the major changes since Netweaver Portal 6.0, My next blog will list the new changes which I consider as minor.

1. Implementing a Federated Portal Network

Organizations can implement a federated portal network using the SAP NetWeaver platform to share content between portals.

2. Site Map

Site Map provides users with a tree view of their navigation structure.

3. Printing in the Portal 

It is possible to print portal content using the Print function of your browser.

4. Transport Portal EPAs Using CTS

To transport portal content packages (EPAs), there is now the option to export them using the SAP Change and Transport System (CTS).

5. Identity Management

User Management has been improved with many new features. In NW2004S user managemnet functionalities are available under Indentity Management.

6. Indexing Portal Content

Portal content can now be indexed by external search engines. 

7. Navigation Zoom: 

The navigation zoom feature enables users to view isolated subject areas of the portal separately from the rest of the portal.

8. Removing Floating Aliases 

A new portal utility for system configuration enables the removal of system aliases that have become disassociated from any existing system. This enables reuse of the aliases for new systems.

9. Permissions and Personalization in Portal Object Transport

The creation of export packages for transport between different portal systems now supports the transport of the permissions associated with the objects and the user personalization data available in the PCD. 

10. Page Wizard 

Template for creating WebDynpro pages, have been added to the portal page wizard 

I found the following blogs about delta features useful.

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