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Atin Shee

I just thought to add some more on “beyond SAP” in a SAP implementation project. In my earlier blog  Clear Objective and process knowledge, the key success factors for Product Implementation , I highlighted some key factors of a SAP implementation project. In addition to that we should also consider what the dimensions of changes or changes in different segment in a SAP implementation or any other product implementation.



It’s just not only the change in Technology from Legacy to SAP or from Microsoft/Java application to SAP or something else. It’s also the change in process, change in people, and change in organization. There will be change in Role and responsibilities.  


Sometimes we as a people have a tendency to restrict any change. Sometimes we are afraid and having lot of questions/thought process internally like will I be able to learn the new thing/product? I was more comfortable with the old one. We are also afraid of loss of ownership too. 


So managing the people, motivating them for the change, directing them to learn the new product is a big deal and a key factor for the success of a SAP implementation project. So understanding the Organizational or top management’s objective, understanding the organizational culture are the key drivers. 


So there is always a cascading effect between Technology (SAP), Process, People and Organization. If there is any impact on any one of these the other will also be impacted.

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  1. Former Member
    Absolutely true, however excellent your solution may be, it will be only successful, if it is accepted by the power user and core team members.
    I am currently in a implementation project, where we are facing resistance from the power user, and we are trying to resolve all kinds of issues and fear what power user are anticipating.

    For avoiding such conflicts, Change management team should be involved from the time of Project preparation  phase, they should take all the stake holders in confidence and provide training to these members periodically.

    Best Regards,
    Anup Bansal           
    SAP CRM Consultant
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    Mumbai 400072, India


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