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Show Text in a Web Dynpro Table Cell with non-textual Data Type

h3. Problem:  I was confronted with the problem that I wanted to show a text (“Structured Price”) in the gross price cell whenever the corresponding line item was filled with certain data. h3. Solution:  The current implementation was designed and developed in close discussion with Ulli Hoffmann and Nestor Sosa (both INIDFAB Computing GmbH  ( working as consultants in our implementation project.   The desired functionality can only be achieved by introducing dynamic cell variants in a code enhancement. The basic implementation guideline was taken from Ulli Hoffmann’s book  (1). The following coding shows an example implementation for the purchase order.  The result looks like this:Resulting functionality in PO item overview (SAP SRM) Example for implementation in PO: h5. 1) Enhance item structure I enhanced the corresponding line item structure with a field This was achieved by including structure /SAPPSSRM/S_PA_WD_UI which contains the field PS_PA_VARIANT in the superstructure /SAPPSSRM/S_PA_ITEM_FIELDS_PO. The new field is intended to hold the variant key for the cell where the text shall show up.Structure enhancement in a switch append strucutreh5. 2) Enhance view controller In viewcontroller of view 0.1. V_PO_DOTC_BASIC, webdynpro component 0.2. /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_PO_DOTC_IT enhanced controller node 0.1. COMP_CONTROLLER.ITEMS with the attribute 0.1. PS_PA_VARIANT from structure /SAPSRM/S_CLL_PO_ITEM.[……………..]Note: The field PS_PA_VARIANT was introduced into the structure by step 1) h5. 3) Post-Exit in WDDOMODIFYVIEW  In method 0.1. WDDOMODIFYVIEW I added a post exit; 0.1. /SAPPSSRM/PA_ITEM_STRUCTURED
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