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SAP Community Network Reaches One Million Members!

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  • Hi Mark,

    >>>>makes this community so vibrant, valuable, and successful? (hint: it’s the members…)

    let’s not forget those who help us all the time
    with our contributions:

    All SDN/BPX Community Managers! – thank you! 🙂


  • Mark:

    This is totally awesome! Big congratulations to the SCN! All members, Mentors, Blogger, Moderators and Team must feel really proud about this milestone -:)



  • Congratulations to the teams behind SDN and BPX, you’ve done a marvelous job the last few years in order to build up one of the best technical communities on the internet.

    Also, your  focus on continuing the improvement of the community even at this size is admirable to say the least.


    • It’s a Landmark achieved.

      Congratulations to Mark, Mark Finnern, Craig, Gali, Marilyn and all SDN Community development team. It’s a huge acknowledgement to their hard work.

      CSR Project for coming year will be a bigger success; all are committed and exited to provide active support to growth of SAP SDN/BPX community.

      Darshan Patel.

  • I just hope SAP newcomers are still getting their basic training from SAP training (not excluding e-learning).  From some of the comments in this blog, sounds like some newbies are getting all their SAP knowlede from Forums/Blogs.  I am a firm believer in getting the basics/foundation first.  You have to walk before you can run.  Then the forums/blogs will have more meaning and learning will excel.
  • Hi all!
    Congrats everyone for making these communities larger and better. I personally see this as the success of a collaborative network and knowledge sharing.
    Keep up the good work!
  • Hi Mark,

    1 Million, I call this number a magic number. This itself speaks about the strength of SDN; how big & how best it is. Also it predicts the future how big its gonna to be!!!!!!

    Congrats to all SDN enablers, all members as well as to all the people who is associated with SDN it in any manner.