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Detroubulator version 1.1 is out

At the Community Days in Munich and Las Vegas my colleague Thorsten Søbirk and myself had the pleasure of doing BOF sessions about Detroubulator version 1.1. Detroubulator is an open source tool that lets you automate unit testing of mapping programs in XI/PI. I’m happy to announce that the final release of version 1.1 is now available for download from the Detroubulator homepage . In this post I’ll give an overview of its new features.

Expected values in content assertions

If the element contains the expected value, the XPath expression will evaluate to true and the assertion will pass. If not, the assertion will fail and the provided error message will be reported. However, the actual content of the element is not reported; only the fact that it differed from our expectation. The Detroubulator version 1.1 content assertion lets you explicitly specify the expected value in the new expect attribute. Using this new feature, the above assertion can be rewritten as follows:

Validation assertions

External assertions

Support for ABAP, ABAP XSLT and interface mappings

Detroubulator version 1.0 only supported Java, XSLT and message mapping programs. In 1.1 we’re introducing support for ABAP mapping programs, ABAP XSLT mapping programs and interface mappings. This means that you can now use Detroubulator to test every standard mapping type in XI/PI. In order to use this new feature, you need to install two Detroubulator function modules on your XI/PI system. They’re distributed as a SAPlink slinky, though, so it couldn’t be easier.</p>

Shared assertions

            <– Actual assertions would go here ><br />        </assertiongroup><br />        <assertiongroup name=”business_rules”><br />            < Actual assertions would go here –>

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  • Hello Morten,

    Detroubulator is a quite interesting tool for testing PI mappings. Can it also be used for PI 7.1 or higher?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best Regards,
    Sebastian Leu

    • Hi Sebastian

      Version 1.1 of Detroubulator does not support interface mappings and ABAP mappings on PI 7.1. However, the next version of Detroubulator does support them. It is ready, actually, and will be released shortly.

      All the best,

      Morten Wittrock