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First I want to thank you the SAP CRM Product Management team start using the possibilities of the SAP Community Network. I hope that this open communication continues.

What‘s easy

Tables can now be sorted directly Ascending & Descending by clicking and choosing from a List. Also filtering is included here. Hope that this also works for multiple columns.


Interactive Reporting looks great. It seems that Adobe Flex Reporting was used to make transitions smooth. By selecting one entry from the Pie Chart the same entry is highlighted in the table.


When a Contact person Name is entered and Enter is pressed then the Account is found by a reverse search. Would love to see a demo what happens when there are two contacts with the same Name or a contact is assigned to multiple Accounts.


The layout can be changed by a selection in the Personalization:


Would love to see a Demo what tool is used to adjust the skin.


When creating a Appointment it is possible that a Customer Fact Sheet is automatically attached. This is then also synced to the Groupware.


What‘s (still) not so easy

I hope it‘s just because that the demo was made that way. The start date was copied to the  end date. Currently in CRM 5.0 PC-UI the user can press enter and the end date will be adjusted to the start date.


The personalization of shortcuts provides only 3 entries. I hope that can be changed by the customer or via customizing.


Matthias Zeller already mentioned the complexity to remove items from the Home Page in the chat. I completely agree. In SAP CRM 2007 you have to switch to an seperate screen and choose the empty line from a dropdown list:


In iGoogle instead you just click on the X and you‘re done:


The last problem I want to mention is the Template selection. When you click on the Button „With Template“:


A new window is opened:


I think a drop-down list with the Description would provide a better user experience. Also I‘ve noticed that the Template Selection window had to be closed manually after the Word Template was saved and Word was closed:


Also I hope that customizing allows automatic attachments of Templates like it is possible for the Customer Fact Sheet.

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  1. Christopher Solomon
    I was wondering why there seemed to be a sudden flood of CRM blogs on here….and then I checked the news posts for this week…”SAP Unveils Next-Generation Customer Relationship Management Solution” ( Conincedence eh? haha

    Honestly, I first worked with CRM 2.0a and then 2.0b and then 3.0 (all in a short time during a long project). Back then, it just seemed moderately sufficient….it got SAP into the CRM clubhouse. Then on my last project, I got to see CRM again (5.0 version?) though I wasn’t on that team (I did help with some PCUI customization and UWL customizing for specific tasks from CRM). Honestly, I thought “uggg”….I *hated* PCUI from what I saw (as well as the frustrations from my co-workers who had to customize it). It’s REALLY nice to see this new CRM version. It is looking pretty slick….like SAP is starting to lead and not follow anymore.

  2. Former Member
    of course it is customizable which entries appear in the pop up you define your keyboard shortcuts. In the demo are only three entries shown to keep it simple.
    For every navigational link the user has the possibility to define own shortcuts.

    Regards, Nadine

  3. Birgit Starmanns
    Hi Gregor,

    First of all, thank you so much for your feedback! These are exactly the kinds of comments we were hoping for – what’s right, as well as new ideas for the future.

    To your comment/question, yes, the table filtering does work on multiple columns, filters can be set on any number of columns in combination. Great idea for a demo enhancement 🙂

    Best regards,

  4. Ingo Deck
    Hi all,

    first of all also a big thank you for all your feedback above, really appreciate it.. and I also have to admit that I really like it that CRM now is also available using SAPs networks.

    I would have a couple of comments first to Gregor:
    – first of all: great list of good and not so good stuff… shows that you really digged into some details.. please keep going, this is exactly the feedback we need.
    – regarding the date selection: this can easily be affected also by IMG customizing, there you have date profiles you can assign to a transaction type, with this you can make the end date behave exactly as you want it even differentiating it per transaction type
    – further above you mentioned that you like that the account is found entering its name, but wondered how it would be if several exist. the answer is quite easy, if the entered text does not match uniquely then a small popup appears showing you in a list, which accounts match your entry and you can choose with one click which one you want. What do you think about this behavior, acceptable from a user perspective?

    I can only tell you that I had and have almost the same feeling, knowing all the shortfalls of the PCUI. But therefore I also really really appreciate your feedback regarding the new CRM Web Client UI. This shows me that we made a big move into the right direction. So thanks for the feedback and please continue 😉 we are happy to learn from any of your comments.

    Best Regards

  5. Kaushal Shah
    I couldn’t find option of sorting a list. I could see filtering options, but not sorting option. I wonder why would that happen.

    I am specifically checking EIC->Transaction creation->business context (where all related transactions are listed).




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