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We don’t have a SAP Mentor of the month program, but that shouldn’t stop us from calling one out when one deserves it. Right now it is Gregor Wolf. If I hurry this post will be directly above his latest blog.

Gregor Wolf Jack of all Trades Master of  All

Where to start? He was there almost from the beginning. He wrote his first Weblog in August 2004. Was the first one to cover CRM, long before SAP PM woke up to the power of SDN.

He was always there with sessions and support at TechEd, SDN Meets Labs, SDN- and Community Day starting in Munich in 2004 already.

As I wrote before Craig and I were sitting together at the last day of TechEd Munich and  we thought about how to bring even more excitement to Bangalore the coming month. There was Gregor hanging out in the clubhouse and we thought how cool it would be to have him there. 

We asked him and after making some phone calls to free up his calendar he was totally excited about it.  

It was great having him there, he was totally part of the team. We are paying for his flight and hotel and he promised spontaneously to give half of it to the School Lunch Program. (Bummer that we don’t have a matching program.)

The unfortunate thing is, that this trip may have put him over the edge. He told me that he had back problems since the beginning of the year. Now during TechEd Bangalore it was really hurting a lot more. Especially when he was standing.  

If you follow Gregor on Twitter you will know that he had a MRT (Magnetic Resonance Tomography) to find out whether it is a slipped disc. I cross my fingers that it isn’t.

Even with his back pain he is currently at one of his clients in the north of Germany.

“Gute Besserung” get well soon Gregor wishes the whole SDN and BPX Team.

Now back to my vacation ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Former Member
    Congratulations Gregor! You’re the first Mentor to get the title of “Mentor of the Month”…even when “Mentor of the Month” title doesn’t even exists…That’s a proof that you’re really good at your job -;)

    Missed about that CRT on Twitter…Hope it’s nothing bad and you get well really soon -:)



  2. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Mark,

    your Blog made my Day. Luckily I checked all the tweets and found the link. To cure my back I have to get physiotherapy and do training at the gym. 2 days ago I got 6 injections to reduce the pain.

    Thanks again

  3. Former Member
    Hi Gregor,

    It was really nice meeting you in Bangalore.
    Do take good care of your back.
    Hoping to see you in Bangalore nest year also.

    And this invitation is for Mark also.


  4. Former Member
    I agree that Gregor has made tremendous contributions over many years, so he gets accolades for consistency.  Also, he has been very visible and active lately during our many TechEds in 2007… was great to have him at Community Day in Bangalore and in the Community Clubhouse at Bangalore TechEd just a week ago.  But I think Mark Finnern used the wrong photo of Gregor … the better one is him in leiderhosen in the midst of Bangalore Community Day.  You can see it — and other TechEd photos — on flickr at … Thank you, Gregor.

    Mark Yolton

  5. Former Member
    Meeting him at TechED Bangalore was a dream come true and enjoying his company as well as working with him was joy, fun and pleasure. Never ever failed to see his smiling face inspite of his troubling back.
    Dude, hope to meet you in Germany soon ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Darren Hague
    I first met Gregor in person at TechEd Munich 2007, where I was able to thank him in public for showing me how to get SAP’s BlackBerry single sign-on module. After just a few days it was like I’d known him for years. It takes a hacker to spot a hacker… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forward to seeing you again at the London community day,


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