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SAP CRM 2007: It’s so easy… #9

Customize your reports? Change the display of your reports? Drill down into reports? 

With SAP CRM 2007 you have the possibity to do all of these things mentioned above with your reports. It is easy to use, it is informative and it is FUN!

In this video I would like to show you how easy it is to view, do display changes, and drill down of OLTP reports within SAP CRM 2007.

To watch the video in full screen mode click here

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  • Hi,

       Thanks for the sneak peek into SAP CRM 2007 reporting tool. It is really very intuitive and has a nice appeal…Are you using Flex on BSP for the chart rendering?


  • Query:
    The demo shows CRM Reports 2007 but what about the entire CRM 2007.
    Is it Web – based?
    is there a demo exhibiting CRM 2007?

    Awaiting Reply.

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

    • Hi Ritu,

      the Business Server Pages (BSPs) are the presentation layer of the CRM WebClient. They are used to generate the HTML page of the CRM WebClient running in the user’s browser. The business logic of CRM business objects and processes is not controlled by the BSPs: presentations and data models are handled separately. Due to this clear separation a great degree of flexibility in the UI Design is provided without changing the underlying business logic and – business objects.


    • Hi Ritu,

      regarding demo exhibiting CRM 2007: currently demo and test system access is only available to SAP employees. Check out the other SAP CRM 2007 weblogs. We have recorded a couple of short demos for you. See also information on