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Basic Data to be captured for Business partner – SAP CRM

Atin Shee

I used to see some threads in SDN asking for the inputs to be captured and the steps to be followed for configuring the Business Partner (BP) in SAP CRM. So I thought to write this blog which may help to the beginners to start configuring the BP in SAP CRM.  


The basic data/inputs that need to be captured for the BP configuration are as following:


BP No Ranges:  A range of numbers that you can assign to business partners while creating the BP master through the easy assess screen. Each number range has one or more “number range intervals” and a number assignment type. So we need to capture whether the no ranges will be internal or external and the type of no ranges.  


BP Roles:  Function that a business partner takes on, depending on a business transaction e.g Sold-To-Party, Ship-to-Party, Payer etc. Meaningful groupings of fields/attributes are defined as per BP role. So we need to capture the business roles that will be required to perform the customer’s business.  


Field Grouping: Here we define/list down the fields depending on the BP role as following:·           

  • require an entry (required entry)
  • ready for input (optional entry)
  • displayed (display)
  • hidden (hide)

So we need to capture the information about the fields to be displayed or hidden or required entry.


Customer Price Groups: We use the Customer price group to group customers for whom the same conditions will be valid. We assign the price group to the customers when we maintain the business partners (customer partner function). So we need to list down the name and no of Customer Price Groups to be created.  


Business Partner Relationships: A relationship connects two business partners and is characterized by the business partner relationship category e.g. has contact person, has dealer, has distributor etc. So we need to consolidate the list of specific BP relationship types as per the business requirement.   


After finalizing the above data we can start configuring the BP.

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