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If you look at the recent trends in IT, one of the most used phrases is innovation. Even my team was renamed to Co-Innovation Engineering. So when I saw the book ‘The myths of innovation’ written by Scott Berkun in a bookstore, it was a must to have and to read.

Scott starts his book by demstifying that great innovations and inventions came to people through epiphany, using the well known story of Newton and the apple as an example. He explains that innovation is difficult, ideas evolve over time and are built up on other ideas. Chapter by chapter Scott elaborates on the other myths, like

  • there is a method for innovation
  • people love new ideas
  • the best ideas win
  • and more.

The book is a pleasure to read and comes with a lot of nice stories, most of them located in IT or Science.
There isn’t much in this book that is new, but is it very comprehensive. If you have a good idea, it will definitely help you on your way to an innovation and show you the obstacles you should be prepared for.

I can recommend this book to everybody who is working in the area of innovation.

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  1. Innovation has become a fashionable word now a days. I call this compulsive innovation! Riding on the market trend people are coming up with courses and books on innovation. One thing I’m sure that innovation is a talent and comes from within. Innovation is directly linked with need. When this need crosses a limit it results in disruptive innovation.
    Thanks for posting this, I’ll have to read this book.

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