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The concept of Portal and Query View are not new to us.But this is the first time I combine them together. The Role concept in Portal could seperate different content under different tab on web page which usually used to control authorization.A query view contains a section or a navigational state of a query.If we have below business scenario,the usage of both of them could be quite helpful : –The system is built on Portal
–A couple of roles are needed, they actually are divided by plant.Under each plant role(channel) are key figures ( or we can say KPIs) belong to this organization,which will be monitored by management board –For most of the KPIs, they are just different on the organization plant. The business definition and query definition are all the same When I didn’t come to the idea of query view,the first thought was creating several similar querys.Of course this is not a good solution: we need a good naming rule to manage hundreds of querys; we’ll have to save a lot of global structures which ensure the future maintainence of same KPI for different plants.It’s easy to do a calculation: If we have N KPIs, assuming that we have 10 plants, the final number of query will be: 10*N !

However,using query view could greatly reduce the number of querys and make the maintenance much more easier.The total query number will still stay at N, we just need to create more query views and assign to iView on Portal.

*The step by step practice:*
* 1.Create a query with all plants and run it in BEX analyzer*


*2.Adjust the query selection and other change on demand *

( here i just restrict a specific plant for every single query view)

* 3.Save the query view *( my test query view name is :ZQV_my_query_view)

*4.Logon to Portal, create an iView under proper folder*


*5.Fill in the parameter like: initial_state=VIEW&initial_state-view=*

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    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Kenneth,
        How is this done under “Save as” button?I didn’t see anything related to portal.Please guide, thank you.



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