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Being a Judge

A few weeks ago, Ina from the BU Imagineering team out here came up to me and told me they would be running a contest for the coolest widget that connected to Netweaver, maybe it’s because I’m  American but more likely it’s just cause I like winning stuff, but I automatically started rattling off ideas of what I could build. 

Turns out she was really there to “volunteer” me to judge the widget entries.  I have to admit I pretty bummed out when she told me that meant I couldn’t participate.  She then told me they were going to give away a Wii for first place and a Chumby for second place. — as you might imagine I got really bummed.   I’ve wanted a Wii for awhile but have been too lazy to stand in line or track one down and I’ve been too cheap to buy the Chumby. 

The interesting part of the contest is the short time frame which will help showcase how easy Widgets are to build.  SAP has already done a lot of the work for you with the Eclipse Tools and the Widget Foundation.  You just need to find some cool data ( I’m partial to SFLIGHT ) and present it well in a solidly laid out widget.

You saw Ina build 2 widgets in under six minutes at the Demo jam so, you should be able to spare a day or two to build something ultra-cool and try and win a Wii or a Chumby.

We already have a number of submissions from people but you still have plenty of time to build a winning widget, submissions are due by Dec. 12th.  for all the details check out Show us your widgets and WIN!!!! and if you need help there are plenty of SDNers willing to help in the Software Downloads.

I will judging the contest so make them cool.

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  • Except me, Dan and SAP employees that is – BUT points for the submissions goes to everyone including SAP folks and with the announcement made in Bangalore about the point system consider it being for a good cause!

    I’d love a Chumby as well Dan but am too cheap to just do it LOL then again an iPod Touch is higher on my list of new gadgets.

    I’m one of the judges as well together with Dan so we are waiting for your submissions!