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What’s New in Composite Application Framework (CAF) in SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment SP3

The latest service pack 3 of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment has been released recently, and a trial version of it is available for download here on SDN.

For all of you who download it and use CAF for development of the service layer of your applications – there are several new features that add to your development productivity and TCO. You might want to read the short summary of them below:

Integration of CAF into an Existing SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Landscape

·        Knowledge Management (KM) Integration

The KM Integration allows you to use predefined services, business objects and data types in your composite application. You can create associations to them and use them to define custom data types. You can integrate documents in your application and manage them using version control.

Documentation: Integrating KM Documents in CAF

·        Business Intelligence Integration

You can use your CAF applications running on NW CE 7.1 as data providers to a BI system installed as part of a NW 7.0 system. In particular, you can extract CAF services data and load it onto a Business Intelligence system.

Documentation: CAF and Business Intelligence Integration

Business Objects

·        Bidirectional Associations

Create bidirectional associations between business object nodes. This way you allow navigation, usage of query operations and visibility from both sides of the association.

            Documentation: Defining Business Object Associations

Development Productivity in SOA-Based Landscapes

·        Outside-in development of CAF applications as service providers based on service definitions in the Enterprise Service Repository (ESR)

Based on a WSDL definition, you can generate the implementation skeleton of the services. This skeleton is presented as a CAF application service containing service operations with their input and output parameters. After you generate the implementation skeleton, you can implement its business logic with the corresponding operations of the associated CAF application service.

Documentation: Implementing Web Services in CAF

·        Publishing Web Services in the Service Registry

The services that your CAF applications expose as Web services can now be easily enhanced with the necessary metadata to be published in the central Services Registry in your SOA landscape. After deployment on the server, your services are just a step away from being available for discovery and consumption.

Documentation: Publishing Web Services in Service Registry with CAF

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