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SDN and BPX Forum: Leraning By Solving Problems

SDN & BPX Forum: Learning By Solving Problem.

I have selected this topic for BOF at Bangalore to share ideas and possibilities to leverage maximum benefit from Contribution. Session attended by approx. 25 Community Members. Here is a abstract of the presentation:

What is content of Forum?

Forum content is mainly focus on problems faced by SAP developers and BPX consultants. Question varies from entry level to advance level. By reading problem we can get idea about opportunities to utilize our skill.

Why we post answers to forum?

Objective of posting answers varies from person to person. But a core of it is to gain at personal level. For some gain is to collect point and get noticed or to exhibit knowledge, for others it may be to share knowledge; to many it may be to accept the question as a challenge and solve it. The perspective of contributor may change but the fact is the rate of answering and active participation in Forum activities is increasing.

How we can make it better?

To make quality contribution, we can give a though to it and can ask our self few questions. Why am I spending my quality time on the activity? What is net gain to me? Can I sustain this to get a professional benefit from this investment of time? We will discuss answers to these question in later part of this blog.

Who are role models?

When a person starts contributions in forum section he can look at achievements of Top Contributors in area of his expertise. There are many individuals contributing with great passion and are getting benefits from the contributions.

Creative Ideas of contributing & Learning:

  1. Focus on a particular topic: We can focus on a particular topic of our interest and contribute on that on regular basis. We can rotate the topic on monthly or quarterly basis. This gives us a added advantage of becoming a Top Contributor in that area. 
  2. Utilize time creatively: Filter questions which are very basic or from a person who is posting question out of curiosity. We can also decide not to answer the question which is answered correctly and no need to add value to the answer.
  3. Give Quality answer: We can make a habit of giving 100% while answering, at the same time we can be careful not in spoon feeding the person asking question.
  4. Be Proactive and Sharpen You Saw: We cab use Forum threads on new technology to learn and to grow in areas of new development.

What are benefits of Giving answers?

Few of tangible advantages of contribution.

  • Expansion in scope of learning: Being an SAP consultant we are responsible for project related activates. Scope of project and our organizational culture effects our scope of development. Some time on implementation project we are so busy doing project work we have no time to learn. And some other time we may be on bench where we are dying for getting a real time problem or a challenge to solve. To make a learning a continuous activity we can use FORUM contribution as an added venue to access problems in our domain.
  • Strengthening Problem Solving Muscle: Problem solving is similar to aerobics for body, regular problem solving increases strength of our brain and gives us maturity.
  • Improvement in Communication: We gain a clarity in communication as we have to explain to other person in written words.
  • Social Networking: Forums threads are one of the best place to meet like minded quality consultants. Learning is a social activity and after college years many of us stop building our network, Forum gives us an ideal option to learn and create a network.
  • Abundance Mentality: Over the time we can get to know a fact that Sharing is not giving but getting. There is enough for every one and more knowledge we share more we are getting back. This is one of the greatest benefit I got since I have started contributing.

More Ideas: I request reader of this blog to post more ideas and comments.

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  • Hi Darshankumar K Patel,

    it was nice meeting you at SAP TechEd Bangalore. Good to see that your Blog is already approved.

    I can fully agree that answering Forum questions will strengthen your problem solving muscle. Often you also have to do a lot of imagination because too little information is given.

    Best regards

    • Thanks Gregor for encouraging comment. I am also very happy meeting you and other SDN members at TechEd. Let’s utilize our efforts to create synergy between all SDN/BPX community members.



  • Hi Darshan,
    It seems to be a very good blog. And I totally agree with your point of  view that Contributing   and Learning Go Hand in Hand. By Contributing ,You not only Earn Points, But also Provide solutions to others. Hence it is win-win situation .You are contributing  to improve  your knowledge in a specific field.


    • Thanks Jaideep for Comment, But I regret on one point. I have misspelled Learning in Title of the Blog! I will be careful next time.


  • Thanks for this great blog post.

    You are right about the pressures of projects. Sometimes we are too busy working to set aside time to learn … yet this is exactly what we should be doing.

    Even writing up the explanation of some of our problem solving efforts and contributing them here (at SDN/BPX) as a form of scrapbook, will reinforce our learning and build a stronger, more capable community. Thanks for the idea!

  • It was great meeting you at TechEd Darshan. Your enthusiasm and commitment are delightful and I’m so pleased you created this excellent blog and “list of benefits”.  I could hardly think of anything to add but wanted to plug the benefit of global networking.  Bridging cultural divides is a great benefit too, be they existing because of different corporate cultures, IT vs. business, regional differences, generational gaps, methodologies, opinions.  The forum communication is a bridge to better understanding even between different or “competing” groups of users.