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How to tell Discovery System V3 from V2

Now that the Discovery system V3 has been released, it is important to know which Discovery System version you have purchased.


The out-of-the box demos and exercises are different between the versions.

The setting up the Discovery system process has also changed so make sure you have the correct setup guide before beginning the setup.


There are many ways to find out what is the version of a Discovery System, I will provide here two of the easiest ways:


From the Discovery system box itself 


  1.  Login to the Discovery System box
  2.  Open the SAP MMC by clicking on the “SAP Management Console” icon


                           i.     In V2, only the ERP instance is displayed in the console.

                          ii.     In V3, both the ERP instance and the Sol (Solution Manager) instances are displayed in the console.


Version 2

Version 3





By accessing the Discovery system portal

(only applicable if the Discovery system was set up and the ERP system is up and running)

  1. Login to the Discovery system portal using (or using the IP address of the Discovery System box)
  2. You will see a login screen asking for a user name and password. This screen displays a logo.

                        i.     In V2, the login screen displays the standard NetWeaver logo

                       ii.     In V3, the login screen displays “DS V3” logo


Version 2

Version 3







Here you can find a table comparing the the software component (SAP Discovery System Component List) differences between Version 2 and Version 3.


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    • Hi,

      There are a lot of changes between version 2 and version 3 of the Discovery System, both in the hardware (cpu, ram, disks), the operating system and of course the software.
      Therefore, an automatic upgrade of the system by SAP is not possible.
      Please contact your hardware provider to check other upgrade options.
      SAP will continue to support the version 2 of the system and in addition you can patch the system according to your specific needs

      Best regards,

  • Hello,
    Our Discovery Server GUI screen does not look like Version 2 above.
    On the side of User and Password, I see the following.  Is this version 1 ?

    SAP ESA Discovery System

         Client 001 –  PI
         Client 200 – ERP
         Client 300 – BW
         Client 400 – RFID

      Logon Clients with Users: Admin
                            Passwords: admin

    Misae Takagi

    • Hi,
      I believe that you have the version 2 system.
      Version one was only a limited version delivered to a small set of customers.
      Please note that the screenshot visible in the blog is of the portal logon screen and not the sapgui screen.
      Best regards,